Dec. 07th 2017 A’dam
1,5 Day Digital Customer Journey Mapping

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(English spoken) This high energy 1,5 day course in collaboration with Smaply will give you a common level of understanding of the Personas and Customer Journey mapping for the analysis of existing experiences and the design of new one. The focus of this course will be on the power of digital visualisation of Personas and Customer Journeys with the digital tools offered by Smaply.

A short and interactive introduction into Service Design Thinking. What is it, where does it come from and why now? What are the challenges? What are the main ‘Schools of Thought’ within Service Design? What are the key case studies? Where can you find more information?

The focus of the course will be on this hands-on part, learning by doing. We will practice the use of Smaply to craft powerful and reach digital visualisation of Personas and Customer Journey maps. We will prepare some interesting challenges and personas and we will train on mapping the Customer Journey: the interaction of the customer with the service. This allows us to step into the customer shoes. It shows us the customer’s perceptions and the larger context in which we play a part. It lets us be emerged in their world, their reality. Get a deeper insight into customer needs, perception, experience and motivation. It will answer questions like: What are people really trying to achieve? How are they trying to achieve this? What do they use and in what order? Why do they make a choice? What are they experiencing, feeling, while trying to reach the desired outcome?

A customer journey map is built up layer by layer. We start ‘above water’, with the customer and slowly dive deeper and deeper into the organisational structures and context. The tool can be used with customers or management, employees and other stakeholder or, even better, in a mix.

The collaboration with Smaply will help participants to learn the possibilities of digital visualisation to analysis current services and create new, improved ones with a clear and interactive team collaboration.
With Smaply, teams can create and customize Journey Maps, Personas, and Stakeholder Maps for all their projects, share them with internal and external stakeholders to comment on and present them to their overall audience. Smaply is a product of More than Metrics, publishers of This is Service Design Thinking.


The facilitators will guide you on the different activities during the Customer Journey Mapping Training.

Catherine Collins, is a Service Designer at More Than Metrics. There, she leads design research, learning, and service design workshops at various conferences. Catherine’s experience includes leading and scaling an award-winning design thinking and entrepreneurship undergraduate program, working on the investment side of entrepreneurship and digging into social change projects through her design agency Moxie. View Catherine’s profile

Hardy Titz, is Senior Software Developer and Head of Key Account Management at More than Metrics since 2013. Hardy regularly facilitates service design workshops and gives talks at international conferences and client events. He used to work for Deutsche Telekom, which helps him now to establish a culture of Service Design in larger organisations. Besides work, he is spending time in the mountains so he can compete in Ultra Marathons on a regular basis. View Hardy’s profile

Arne van Oosterom, thought leader in the field of Service Design Thinking and founder of DesignThinkers Group and DesignThinkers Academy with extensive experience in facilitating and developing Service Design Thinking training sessions. View Arne’s profile



Language: English
Venue: DT Academy, Herengracht 265, 1016 BJ Amsterdam, +31 (0)20 471 00 70
Dates: December 07th & 08th
Start time: 09.00 hr

Participants: Appr. 15

Ticket Price: Regular Ticket Price € 695,=*, Early Bird Registration before November 15th € 515,=* (Including lunch, drinks & snacks). Discounts available for teams signing up or NGO’s and self employed.

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