Personal Coaching on Service Design Thinking at DT Academy

Are you looking for a more intensive course to give you a deeper level of understanding of the Service Design Thinking principles, key tools & terminology? DesignThinkers Academy can provide you with a personal coaching programme. We offer two coaching programmes: the first one for Startups in the Service Design Thinking field, starting your own agency in this field and becoming a thought leader for Service Design Thinking. The second programme focuses more on Service Design Thinking within larger Corporates or NGO’s.

When you are able to do so, you can even join us at one of our venues. We’ll include you in real projects and we will organize inspirational visits to other agencies or companies. This way you can immerse yourself into the world of Service Design Thinking, optimize your training skills, learn by doing and make sure we train the specific tools and knowledge you are looking for.

The experience I had with DT Academy was valuable as it broadened my understanding of Design Thinking and the possibilities and application of the approach and tools in a variety of business situations, but also to re-think and set the foundations for my own business venture. The individual training programme is a must for anyone considering entering the field of service design as an active practitioner!


An individual program will always be developed to meet your specific demands, but to give you an example of the individual programs ‘Learning-by-Doing’ we offer:

Day 1 Morning > LEARNING
A short and interactive introduction into Service Design Thinking. What is it, where does it come from and why now? What are the challenges? What are the main ‘Schools of Thought’ within Service Design? What are the key case studies? Which tools can you use? Where can you find more information?

Day 1 Afternoon > DOING
The focus for the afternoon program will be on the hands-on part, learning by doing. The tool we will practice is: Customer Journey Mapping. We will prepare some interesting challenges and personas and we will train on mapping the Customer Journey: the interaction of the customer with the service. Ethnographic research, Interview shop owners, people in the street. Service Fellow App & translating the findings into Persona’s & Customer Journeys.

Day 2 Morning > LEARNING
Working on Cases: Financial Services, Insurance Services, Telco Services, IT, Governmental Services, NGO’s, Fashion, Luxury Leisure, Tourism, Health. And Skype-sessions with our Associates and Team members all over the globe to talk about specific Cases or Themes.

Day 2 Afternoon > DOING
Working on a live case with the team members from DesignThinkers Group. Guided by one senior Consultant of Designthinkers Group you will get the experience of facilitating a Co-Creation Session.

Day 2 Evening > NETWORKING
We would like to take you out for dinner and discuss your specific business case and share our experience and knowledge about starting an Agency in Service Design Thinking and creating a Network.

Day 3 Morning > DOING
Training the Startup Canvas & Roadmapping/Blueprinting.

Day 3 Afternoon > NETWORKING
Visit other Agencies or Design Departments.

This video gives you a glimpse on our Facilitation Trainings with global companies:


Please contact us for more information about the Personal Coaching Program.