March 26th 2018 A’dam
5-Day Course Executive School #TISDD

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(English spoken) Learn how to apply Service Design Thinking to the rapid innovation of Customer Experiences in multi-channel Product-Service Ecosystems. The Executive School in Amsterdam ‘THIS IS SERVICE DESIGN DOING’ is planned in the week of March 26th – 30th 2018.

NOTE: This edition of the Executive School is currently sold out. Please look for future dates or reach out to us if you would like us to put your name on the waiting list.


Marc Stickdorn, the co-author of the award-winning service design book ‘This is Service Design Thinking’. View Marc’s profile on LinkedIn

Markus Hormess, Service Innovation Expert and co-initiator of the world’s largest service design event ‘Global Service Jam’. View Markus’s profile on LinkedIn

Adam Lawrence, Service Design & Customer Experience Expert and co-initiator of the world’s largest service design event ‘Global Service Jam’. View Adam’s profile on LinkedIn

Executive School activities

Todays customers are more knowledgeable than ever before, and they are talking to each other which makes customer experience more important than it has ever been. Services and products merge into multi-channel ecosystems in which genuine relationships with both customers and stakeholders are crucial for an authentic brand experience, transforming customers into brand ambassadors. Only an in-depth and holistic understanding of customers and their environment can create offerings that provide meaningful value and make a real difference on the bottom line. Service design thinking can provide this understanding.

As well as teaching the theory and practice of service design thinking, the school emphasises the key skills of facilitation. A variety of stakeholders need to be effectively involved in the development or improvement of a service,. For service designers, this means not only being able to use the toolset themselves, but also to guide others through the process – so facilitation becomes a key skill of service design thinking. TiSDD participants will have opportunities not only to learn and apply tools, but also to facilitate others in using them.

Watch the short documentary of the Executive School ‘This is Service Design Doing’:

Some quotes from previous participants:
“TiSDD was an exceptional program from start to finish. Adam, Markus and Marc provided us with the background, tools, and techniques to really ‘do’ service design in just a few days. It was an excellent introduction for a beginner like me and was equally compelling for the more advanced designers in the group. The service safaris, instruction, and peer collaboration combined helped me to gain a holistic understanding of the emotional and situational contexts that need to be considered to develop greater empathy and insight into customer needs. TiSDD was like no professional development course I’ve ever experienced.”

“Great content and atmosphere. The thing that impressed me most was the diversity of participants from literally all over the world!”

“When I signed up for #tisdd I was after knowing how the whole process of service design worked. I had already read all the books I could find about it but there were parts I didn’t fully see. #tisdd surpassed my expectations. It completely changed my career for the better. Intense, fun and doing focused. I advice you to download your brain after every section, you’ll find precious advice to guide your work. I can’t recommend it enough.”
Monday, 26th of March 2018
14:00 hr Check-in
15:00 hr Welcome and introduction
16:00 hr Presentation: Service Design Basics
16:00 hr Introduction to Service Design challenge and work groups
17:00 hr Design research & planning
19:00 hr Get-together with light dinner and drinks
20:00 hr End of Day 1

Tuesday, 27th of March 2018
08:30 hr Welcome & Coffee
09:00 hr Design research loops (field work, sense-making)
12:30 hr Lunch
13:30 hr Service Design Basics (stakeholder maps, personas, journey maps)
17:30 hr Reflection and Q&A Day 2
18:00 hr End of Day 2

Wednesday, 28th of March 2018
08:30 hr Welcome & Coffee
09:00 hr Advanced Tools (Emotional journeys, Ideation & Idea Selection)
13:00 hr Free time (catch up with your work, digest the input or enjoy the city)
16:00 hr Prototyping & Testing (prototyping framework and overview, desktop walkthrough, paper/cardboard prototyping, investigative rehearsal)
19:30 hr Reflection and Q&A Day 3
20:00 hr End of Day 3

Thursday, 29th of March 2018
08:30 hr Welcome & Coffee
09:00 hr Business tools and backgrounds I (Service Ad, Dramatic Arcs, Service Blueprint)
13:00 hr Lunch
14:00 hr Business tools and backgrounds II (Business Model Canvas, Business & Service Framework)
15:30 hr Case study
16:00 hr Masterclass: Service design project planning
17:30 hr Reflection and Q&A Day 4
18:00 hr End of Day 4
20:00 hr (optional) Dinner

Friday, 30th of March 2018
08:30 hr Welcome & Coffee
09:00 hr Masterclass: Facilitation
11:00 hr Meet the practitioners
12:30 hr Lunch
13:30 hr Closing and final Q&A
15:00 hr End of Executive School
In this workshop you will experience the power of service design thinking first hand. You’ll not only become familiar with the fundamental tools and methods of service innovation, but also learn about the strategic design process and key skills of facilitation. The tools of service design are easy to grasp and easy to use, but are rooted in business reality and bring powerful clarity and insight. They can be used to design unique services or service components which will stand out from the competition, or to optimise existing services around what the customer really wants, cutting away wasteful effort and concentrating on a unique customer experience across various on- and offline channels.

The main take-away of the workshop will be the ability to apply several tools to your own business problems in order to innovate towards new value propositions. You will be able to instigate real service innovation projects in your organisation, leading and facilitating small project teams focused on individual service elements, or developing new value for your entire service offering.

The workshop is limited to 30 participants, and will be highly practical. You will learn about the service design process, methods and tools by working on a project in a small team, with short periods of reflection on the theory behind contemporary service innovation methods. You will experience several different co-creative styles and have the opportunity to practice your own facilitation skills. In addition, a unique framework is introduced that integrates the Service Design tools with your business model as well as your operations and business strategy. Confidential feedback sessions are offered around the workshop, giving participants the opportunity to receive input from the mentors on individual challenges from their work, project experience and group facilitation.

Methods and tools include: Ethnography, Personas, Stakeholder Mapping, Value Network Mapping, Customer Journey Mapping, Service Blueprinting, Business Model Canvas, Service Prototyping, Investigative Rehearsal, facilitation skills.

Language: English
Venue: T.b.a., Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Dates: March 26th – 30th 2018

Max. Participants: 30

Ticket Price: Early Bird Ticket Price: 2.495,00 EURO until January 26th 2018, Regular Ticket Price: 2.795,00 EURO until February 28th and Late Worm Ticket Price: 2.995,00 EURO (including lunch, snacks and drinks)*. Discounts available for teams signing up or NGO’s: e.g. 15% discount for the 2nd ticket and 25% discount for the 3rd ticket.

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NOTE: This edition of the Executive School is currently sold out. Please look for future dates or reach out to us if you would like us to put your name on the waiting list.