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Personal Coaching Program AT DT Academy

So you read all the books and articles on Service Design & Design Thinking. You attended a few training sessions. You listened to inspirational keynote speakers at conferences. You know the famous case studies. You get it. And you are eager to start applying what you have learned in your daily working environment.

Now it’s Monday morning. You’re back at work, so where do you start? How do you use and implement the Service Design Thinking methods and tools in your daily work? How do you create sponsor buy-in? How do you involve stakeholders? DesignThinkers Academy can help you out. We designed an Online Personal Coaching Program to help you kick-start this personal implementation process. To support you, inspire you and nudge you when needed.

The online individual program will always be designed custom-made to meet your specific demands and will consist of 1 intake and 4 Online Personal Coaching training sessions. This way you can immerse yourself into the world of Service Design Thinking, optimize your training skills, learn by doing and make sure we train the specific tools and knowledge you are looking for. You will be connected to an online Homework Environment where you will have access to your custom-made program, your personal challenges, homework assignments and we will also provide you with all the tools and background information you need, to get started to really use Service Design Thinking in your daily working environment.


Quote Petra Pecarevic, Participant Personal Coaching Program:
‘The experience I had with DT Academy was valuable as it broadened my understanding of design thinking and the possibilities and application of the approach and tools in a variety of business situations, but also to re-think and set the foundations for my own business venture. The individual training programme is a must for anyone considering entering the field of service design as an active practitioner!’



A Personalized Roadmap
Personal Coaching with sessions through Video Conferencing led by a senior professional of DesignThinkers Group,
Inspirational lectures by thought leaders and highly experienced practitioners;
A monthly set of challenges;
The opportunity to participate in offline training sessions and one of our DT Bootcamps.

A short and interactive introduction into Service Design Thinking. What is it, where does it come from and why now? What are the challenges? What are the main ‘Schools of Thought’ within Service Design? What are the key case studies? Which tools can you use? Where can you find more information?

Working on Cases: Financial Services, Insurance Services, Telco Services, IT, Governmental Services, NGO’s, Fashion, Luxury Leisure, Tourism, Health, Retail, HR. And Skype-sessions with our Associates and Team members all over the globe to talk about specific Cases or Themes.

The focus for the program will be on the hands-on part, learning by doing. Topic: Stakeholder Mapping, Value Network Mapping and Customer Journey Mapping making use of your specific Case. Practice the tools but also explore how to apply the tools into your daily service offerings. We will prepare some interesting challenges and personas and we will train on mapping the Customer Journey: the interaction of the customer with the service. Ethnographic research, Interview shop owners, people in the street. And translating the findings into Personas & Customer Journeys.

Working on your specific case with the team members from DesignThinkers Group. Guided by one senior Consultant of Designthinkers Group you will get the experience how to execute a Service Design Thinking project.


Language: English
Venue: Online Video Conferencing & access to online Personal Homework Environment
Max. participants: 1
Ticket Price: € 1.500,= Including 1 intake Call and 4 Online Personal Coaching Sessions of 2 hours.

Initiated by DesignThinkers Group, one of the leading ‘design driven’ innovation agencies helping organizations around the world making the transition from being strictly product orientated and sales driven, towards being service orientated and human centered.

Take a look at the ‘Think like a Startup Session’ we facilitated at the Stanford D.School:


Please contact us for more information. Ticket Price: € 1.500,=* Including 1 intake Call and 4 Online Personal Coaching Sessions of 2 hours.