February 7th 2018 NYC
2-Day DT Facilitation Training

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So you’ve read all the books and articles on Service Design & Design Thinking. You’ve attended a few training sessions. You’ve listened to inspirational keynote speakers at conferences. You know the famous case studies. You get it. But how do you facilitate a Design Thinking session? How do you design a high energy learning flow? That calls for a different skill set. DesignThinkers Academy can help you out.

Learn how to facilitate Design Thinking workshop sessions for mixed audiences in this 2-day high energy course for Design Thinking practitioners.

You will get a ‘Learning by Doing’ experience in a 2-day workshop setting followed by personal online coaching sessions for you to learn how to facilitate Design Thinking workshop sessions for mixed audiences. The activities for the 2-day training are a balanced mix of theory and practice.

The objective of the 2-day training is to understand your current facilitation skills, your strengths, and to improve upon your personal opportunity areas through a combination of facilitation practice and personal coaching. The activities for the 2-day training are a balanced mix of theory and practice.

  • DAY 1: Facilitation skills assessment, workshop types, core Design Thinking workshop flow, problem statement definition & the art of facilitation, agenda & workshop design.
  • DAY 2: Energy management, facilitation team management, facilitating an actual Design Thinking workshop, feedback on facilitation skills.



  • Workshop & agenda design for the different type of workshops;
  • Problem statements & reframing;
  • Facilitation theory, tips and hands-on experience with a real case study;
  • Core Design Thinking workshop flow as a starting point for future workshop design.


Workshop design and review of the participant’s workshop examples, advanced facilitation techniques, and turning workshop results into action steps. The content of the online coaching reconnect session will be adjusted based on the participants’ needs.

Facilitated by the founders and managing partners of DesignThinkers Academy







Facilitation is key in running successful Design Thinking workshop sessions, which are meant to bring together people from diverse backgrounds to work on specific challenges. Creating space and environment where people feel confident and can be creative is the key responsibility for the facilitator.

We strongly believe in the principle of ‘Learning by Doing,’ so this training will be a high energy, hands-on event. You’ll be challenged to work in small teams working on all the different aspects of facilitating Design Thinking workshops. You will be working with key tools like stakeholder mapping, customer journey mapping, and prototyping.The focus, however, will be on your personal facilitation skills of designing and facilitating Design Thinking workshops.

This video gives you a glimpse of our Facilitation Training with global companies:



The facilitators will guide you on the different activities during the Service Design & Design Thinking Facilitation Training.

Marc Bolick leads the US office of DesignThinkers Group, working to help clients find creative solutions to complex problems and to embed design thinking as a strategic advantage in their organizations. Read more at Marc’s full LinkedIn profile.

Jeroen van der Weide, is a senior facilitator stimulating creative leadership within corporate environments to find new solutions for business problems by designing and facilitating creative processes through Design Thinking. Read more at Jeroen’s full LinkedIn profile

Adriana Dolnyckyj, Founding & Managing Partner of DesignThinkers Group Canada is a marketer and strategist by profession, and a design thinker innately and by passion. Read more at Adriana’s full LinkedIn profile.



Dates: February 7th-8th, 2018

Location:  New York, NY

Maximum participants: 15

Pricing*: Early bird ticket price $1,650 (until January 6th, 2018), regular ticket price $1,900 = (*includes daily lunches, snacks, and beverages, plus a welcome reception). Discounts available for teams, non-profits and government organizations. Contact rose[@]designthinkersgroup.com for more information.

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November 16th - 17th 2017, NYC

(US) 2-Day DT Facilitation Training