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2-Day Design Thinking Fundamentals February 2021


This high-energy 2-day Design Thinking Fundamentals course will give you a basic understanding of the Design Thinking principles, key tools & terminology. The focus of this course will be hands-on and ‘Learning-by-Doing’ by using tools such as Stakeholder Mapping, Customer Journey Mapping and Prototyping.


On the first day, we will go through a short and interactive introduction to Service Design Thinking. During this introduction, we will explore the following questions: What is it, where does it come from? What are the main ‘Schools of Thought’ within Service Design? What are the key case studies? What are the challenges? Where can you find more information?


The major part of the two days, however, will be focused on hands-on work on a general case using the different tools. The entire course is based on ‘learning-by-doing’, because that is at the core of Design Thinking. Furthermore, the tools we will be using are fundamental in Design Thinking.

Lastly, during this 2-day course you will be working on a general case. However, it is also possible to work on your own case or challenge by reflecting during the course on how you would integrate Design Thinking within your own case.

  1. Apply design thinking methodologies and execute design thinking processes to challenge norms and conventions in the organisation
  2. Apply design thinking methodologies to define design problems and generate new ideas for the or-ganisation
  3. Apply human centred thinking approaches to discover opportunities for applying design thinking across the organisation
  4. Generate value propositions for a persona that are aligned with the design challenge
  5. Plan and strategise the implementation plan for prototyping stage
  6. Present and communicate the design outcomes and process for design ideas

Stakeholder Mapping provides you with an overview of the ‘eco-system’ that you are exploring. Stakeholders are people, teams or organizations that directly or indirectly exchange ‘value’. The exchange of value is used as the basis to explore the underlying services provided by the stakeholders

Value Network Mapping creates insight in the exact values that are being exchanged between stakeholders. By using this tool, you will gain more insight into the services being provided by the stakeholders

Personas are used as the basis for Customer Journey Mapping. Finding out more about the objectives, behavior, attitudes of people is very important for developing improvements or innovations of the services provided.

Customer Journey Mapping allows us to gain deeper insight into customer needs, perception, experience and motivation. It will answer questions like: What are people really trying to achieve? How are they trying to achieve this? What are they experiencing, feeling, while trying to reach this desired outcome?

Service Scenarios are used to visualize how a (newly designed) service is experienced from a customer’s point of view. Simple visualization techniques will be introduced.

Prototyping is done in order to be able to test a service concept in a ‘low tech’ environment with relevant stakeholders. Prototyping can be done by building artifacts from cardboard as well as paper or by using Lego. Additionally, role play is a powerful way of prototyping.

All Design Thinking tools will be shared for personal use  and the certificate will be handed out after the session.


The facilitators will guide you on the different activities during the Service Design Thinking Facilitation Training.

Daryl Lim, is a an experienced workforce designer and brings 15 years of designing and creating a wide range of people related solutions. He has designed and co-created business and people management strategies working around employee career journeys.

Wayne Ho, has been in the Education industry for over 18 years now and has been through the ranks from IT, Sales & Marketing, Facilities Management and Human Resources.

We can also offer you a tailor-made coaching program designed around your specific team objectives to guide you through the DT process.


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A 5-day online course for those who want to experience Design Thinking and be able to contribute in a Design Thinking session.

We strongly believe in ‘Learning by Doing’, so the Fundamentals  Training will be a high energy and hands-on event.

You’ll be challenged to work in small teams working on the different aspects of Design Thinking.

About this Event

Length: 2 Days

Time: :09:00 am – 06:15 pm (SGT)

Wednesday 24 February: session 01

Thursday 25 February: session 02

Location: 180 Kitchener Road City Square Mall #03-20 Singapore 208539

Language: English

Max. participants: 15


Regular Ticket Price: SGD$ 1284.00 (inclusive of GST 7%)

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