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2-Day Emotional Intelligence Deep Dive October 2020


During this highly interactive 2-day Emotional Intelligence (EQ) course in Amsterdam you will dive deep into the theory of EQ, the science and evidence behind it, and the 5 components that drive these human skills. These are:

  1. Self-perception (identifying different types of emotions within yourself and knowing what the impact is on you and others, finding your inner strengths);
  2. Self-expression (assertively communicating your emotions, values and beliefs in a respectful manner; the essence of collaborative work in DT);
  3. Interpersonal relationships (developing mutually beneficial relationships through empathy e.g. asking powerful questions and empathetic listening; the foundational skills in DT, not only in relation with customers, also in relation with DT-team members);
  4. Decision Making (solving problems with a realistic perspective, even when emotions are involved);
  5. Stress management (building resilience competencies such as flexible and optimistic thinking; as required in DT).

The fee includes a personal EQ-I 2.0 self-assessment on the 5 emotional intelligence components listed above. You will receive the detailed report on day 1 of the course and you will be enabled to understand your personal results together with others. As a post-course follow up you will receive a 1:1 individual coaching session (remote, using skype, zoom or any other videoconference tool that works best for you) with our certified EQ-i trainer and practitioner.


Empathy is the cornerstone of Design Thinking (DT). Yet, in order to understand others, e.g. customers and team members, we need to understand ourselves first. This is where emotional intelligence comes into the equation.

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to identify, understand and manage your own emotions. In turn, one should also acknowledge the emotions of other’s (empathy) to harness meaningful interpersonal relationships and guide your behavior and actions.

These human skills are not exclusively essential in DT. In the Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) world we are living in, emotional intelligence empowers us to embrace ourselves, inspire and engage others and thrive both personally and professionally.


The main part of the two days will be implemented in a hands-on manner since at Design Thinkers Academy we believe this is the most effective way of learning. During the course you will be learning from each other in the group and we will jointly build our core human skills further. You will also be given time to reflect on your own emotional intelligence skills. You will learn how to improve these skills in order to empower yourself so as to become even more successful in applying Design Thinking particularly in your day to day work as well as in your everyday life on a broader level.


This course will be led by Marjolein van Eersel. She is part of our Design Thinkers Academy Amsterdam team. You may have attended a DT Facilitation training, a DT Bootcamp or another program where she was part of the faculty. Marjolein developed her passion for the human side of Design Thinking and is now also an Emotional Intelligence trainer and coach. She is a certified practitioner for the EQ-i 2.0, a scientifically validated, widely used emotional intelligence self- assessment. Here favorite quote is

Design Thinking is all about creating empathy. Jeroen van der Weide is one of the founders of the Design Thinking Conference where we explore all the perspectives, powers and opportunities of that rich topic call empathy every year. His way of working is built on these insights. Jeroen will be more than willing to share his learnings.

We can also offer you a tailor-made emotional intelligence program designed around your specific team objectives to grow your skills on this topic.

Please reach out to us for more information,


Our main objective is to provide you with hands-on tools that you can use immediately the next day in your working environment.

Besides the training program you will be handed out a toolkit, certificate and access to the DT Academy Network virtual environment.

The end result is aimed at a transformation of the participants, knowledge of tools and methods, a deep understanding of the value of design, and professional & personal growth.

About this Event

Location: DT Academy, Nieuwe Leliestraat 13, 1015 SH Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Date: October 28th and 29th 2020
Language: English
Maximum participants: 15


Early Bird Ticket Price € 1.750,00
until 28th of September

Regular Ticket Price € 1.850,00

Prices are excluding VAT.
Your ticket includes a daily healthy and delicious lunch plus snacks and beverages throughout the day. All tools and materials are also available after the course for personal use. A certificate from DesignThinkers Academy is awarded to participants who successfully complete the course. Discounts are available for teams signing up, Freelancers, Non-Profits and Government Organizations.

We charge 21% VAT to Dutch based companies, NGO’s and self-employed. We also charge 21% VAT to international companies, NGO’s and self-employed based in the European Union without a registered VAT number. If you are based outside the European Union we will not charge you with VAT. If you have any other questions regarding this online course or its ticketing, we kindly as that you contact us through e-mail.

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