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Effective Online Design Thinking Meetings


Learn how to run more engaging and productive online meetings through our interactive 2 day live online course. You’ll experience a selection of visual and collaborative techniques from Design Thinking and Agile that can enhance virtual meetings and leave with the skills and confidence to make your meetings stand out from the competition.


You may be from a corporate, independent consultancy, start-up, government department or academic institution.  

This course is for anyone who needs to collaborate with remote team members or work for remote clients. If you want to make your meetings more engaging and productive and to stand out from your competitors, then you will benefit from the approaches we share. 

You don’t need to be tech-savvy to come on this course

or be experienced in the theory or practice of facilitation or visual techniques.

This is a beginner-level, practical, live course where you’ll discover some of the visual online meeting facilitation methods from Design Thinking and Agile and have a chance to practice them too.  

*Note: If you have some prior experience in using Design Thinking, Agile or visual facilitation techniques in a virtual setting, please contact our team to learn more about our advanced courses. 


You’ll be introduced to leading Effective Online Meetings by directly experiencing a set of Design Thinking and Agile tools and methods under the guidance of our leading coaches, which you can then use to shape and improve how you run virtual meetings.  

You will gain a foundational understanding of the principles that underpin online meeting facilitation and you will practice these methods so that you can start applying them at work right away 

No prior knowledge in using online meeting tools or in facilitation is requiredWe will develop your online facilitation skills using two popular meeting tools, Zoom and Mural. Note that this course is not software training; we will not be going through all the functionality of these tools in detail or all the other software and tools available for remote meetings; our focus is on practicing ways to make your meetings more engaging, collaborative and productive. 

You will learn to:  

Understand the fundamentals of running online meetings to achieve different goals, for internal and client meetings;
Use virtual tools to make meetings more visual, focused and productive;
Help all meeting participants to collaborate and have a voice;
Use efficient ways of creating a good record of important content and actions during online meetings;
Energise and engage virtual teams, with our tips and tricks for planning better meetingsmanaging diverse groupshandling disruptions and more.


Session 1 – Discover:

The first session covers the theory: we’ll do a quick introduction to leading productive online meetings, starting with the key differences between inperson and online meeting facilitation and an overview of some of the fundamentals of meeting facilitation and its key principles. We’ll introduce and demo few essential methods for productive online meetings in a visual, collaborative and engaging way, useful for multiple team or client meeting scenarios and you will start to practice some of these approaches.

Session 2 – Deliver:

This session is more practice-focused. We will explore and practice warm-ups and energisers to get help engage others in a meeting and approaches to encourage and record feedbackWe will also look at ways to manage diverse groups of people and handle disruption. At the wrap-up we will address any final queries about the methods covered. You’ll get the chance to ask any closing questions to the expert coaches, giving you a chance to get more advice specific to your current needs. 


David Kester CEO with twenty years experience leading two world-class creative organisations. Consultant on design strategy and policy. Coach and educator in design thinking.

Susana Osório A design thinker, designer and facilitator, Susana brings an unusual combination of empathetic, user-centered thinking with her hands-on prototyping capabilities to bring disruptive new experiences and products to life.

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Our main objective is to provide you with hands-on tools that you can use immediately the next day in your working environment.

Besides the training program you will be handed out a toolkit, certificate and access to the DT Academy Network virtual environment.

The end result is aimed at a transformation of the participants, knowledge of tools and methods, a deep understanding of the value of design, and professional & personal growth.

About this Event

Length: 2 sessions of 2.5 hours

Dates: Look at ‘choose your location’ on the right for more information regarding upcoming course dates or browse our calendar

Online platforms: Mural & Zoom
Language: English
Max. participants: 18


Early Bird Ticket Price £300 (applicable to first 10 bookings)

Regular Ticket Price £350

Prices are excluding VAT.
Please be informed that there are different tax implications depending on your status, we encourage you to contact us for further specifications.
Your ticket includes access to and use of the online environments (Miro, Zoom & GoogleDocs) for the duration of the course.

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