0,5-Day Intro DT – Demo Workshop Course May 2019 – Belgrade


(English & Serbian spoken) This high energy 3 hours demo workshop, organised by Design Thinkers Academy Eastern Europe, will give you a basic level of understanding of Service Design and Design Thinking concepts.

The vision for the “Introduction to Design Thinking” experience is to introduce the participants to Service Design Thinking in a ‘Learning-by-Doing’ way using an interactive tool, the “Think Like a Startup” Game. At the end of the demo session, the participant will have the chance to attend a virtual Q&A session with one of the founders of Design Thinkers Academy Amsterdam.


10:00 Welcome & Introduction
10:15 What are Service Design and Design Thinking?
11:00 Think Like a start-up Game – exercise
12:30 How can we use the concepts in our organisations?
12:45 Q&A – Live from Amsterdam

13:15 Closing, networking


Adela Cristea is an experienced business consultant and trainer, with a consistent background in assisting start-ups and business developments, teaching entrepreneurship and leadership practices within corporate environments and co-founder of Design Thinkers Academy Bucharest.

Dalibor Vasiljevic is a marketing and branding professional with a strong experience in assisting companies to define their marketing strategies and to expand to different markets.

Tim Schuurman, highly experienced trainer and senior facilitator with a background in Change Management and Business Modeling and co-founder of DesignThinkers Academy.

The event is organised by Design Thinkers Academy in cooperation with Ascent Group, Exact and Rainfall.


About this Event

Venue: Bloom Meeting House,
Tolstojeva 17, Belgrade, Serbia

Dates: May 15 2019
Language: English & Serbian
Participants: Max. 30


Ticket Price: Free.

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