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2-Day Design Thinking Facilitation Certification Course (16 & 17 June, 2023)

This interactive course will equip you with the Design Thinking mindset, tools and skills to kick-start bold innovation. After completing the course, you will be able to apply Design Thinking right away.

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HKD 9,400 (One month before the first lesson)


2 days


Cantonese with English Materials

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HK$ 10,600


7 hours a day

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Hong Kong

2-Day Design Thinking Facilitation Course (16 & 17 Jun 2023)

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About this course

This course is specially designed for those who want to become influencing and dynamic leaders to guide a team through the full Design Thinking process. We will use a competency-based approach where you would be able to:

  • Foster a creative multi-disciplinary team culture geared to emerging insights and preferred situations
  • Facilitate divergent and convergent thinking
  • Cultivate a Customer-Centric approach
  • Enable holistically and eco-system thinking¬† to establish value-based outcomes
  • Drive multiple iterations to produce desirable, feasible, and viable outcomes

Assessment requirements

  • You will be required to complete a portfolio with evidence by applying the Design Thinking mindset and toolset to the entire DT problem-solving process.
  • You will be assessed by two DTA Design Thinking experts to justify your competencies as a DT facilitator.

What you'll learn

Learn how to listen to your end-user, embed end-user insights, develop prototypes and work in small iterations. Dare to fail and pitch your story!

Welcome & Kick-off

Meet the team
Introducing DT
Keynote & Cases


Briefing & Research
Design Research
Stakeholder Map


Framing the problem
Opportunity Areas
Customer Journey Map
Problem Statement


Ideation & Prototyping
Idea Priority Map
Service Scenarios


Testing & Pitching
Testing the pilot
Reflection & Celebration

Meet your coaches

Our expert Facilitators will share their experience and tricks on how to implement Design Thinking in projects and organizations. That way you can start applying Design Thinking straight away in your daily working environment.

David Chung

Managing Partner of DesignThinkers Academy China and Hong Kong

He is the Managing Partner of DT Academy China and Hong Kong, Certified Design Thinking Facilitator, Level 4 of Certified Innovation Professional, Certified LEAN Leader, and DBA Candidate of Innovation Management


After successfully completing the 2-Day Design Thinking Facilitation Certification Course, participants are awarded a DesignThinkers Academy Certificate (managed by the blockchain-based global certification management system). All learning materials will be available after the course for personal use.

COVID-19 Protocol

At DesignThinkers Academy, we take our social duty very seriously when it comes to protecting the health of our valued participants and dear team members. For this reason, participants interested in joining us if you are able to provide:

A) Blue QR Code of “LeaeHomeSafe” mobile app


B) Exemption Certificate

If a participant cannot comply with the above mentioned requirement(s), they will not be able to participate in the course. Our goal is to create a safe environment in which we can continuously stimulate creativity and allow all participants and facilitators to feel comfortable.

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Hong Kong

2-Day Design Thinking Facilitation Course (16 & 17 Jun 2023)

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Tailor-made coaching around your challenge

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