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4-Day DesignThinkers Bootcamp Asia: Creating Business Impact & Growth for Your Organizations

This is a First-Ever Trilingual Course: Cantonese, Mandarin & English

The 4-day DesignThinkers Global Bootcamp, with 4 sessions of follow-up coaching, provides a unique opportunity to learn from internationally recognized and highly experienced Design Thinking practitioners.

Under the guidance of our seasoned facilitators, familiarize yourself with the divergent/convergent model of the Double Diamond, and solidify your strategic Design Thinking mindset by practicing on a real-life project.

Who Should Attend

  • Senior executives who want to strengthen their ability to lead business model innovation
  • Innovative leaders seeking to develop and enhance their organization’s innovation capability
  • Professionals are responsible for tackling strategic challenges, driving growth, and implementing systems for innovation.

Early Bird Price

HKD 20,000 (One month before the first lesson)


4-day workshops and 4-follow-up Coaching


Cantonese with English Materials

Standard Price

HKD 22,000


7 hours a day (for workshop)

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About this course

Upon completion of the 4-day Bootcamp, participants will be able to:

Increase Customer Focus

Design Thinking helps senior executives better understand customers’ unmet, hidden, and potential needs. By focusing on human-centered design, senior executives can create products and services that are more aligned with the needs of their customers. This can lead to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty, ultimately leading to business success.

Create Breakthrough Solutions

Design Thinking encourages senior executives to think creatively and develop innovative solutions to problems. By using a collaborative approach and involving different perspectives, senior executives can generate new ideas and approaches they may not have thought of independently.

Build Co-Creative Teams

Design Thinking encourages senior executives to work collaboratively and communicate effectively with different stakeholders. It helps to break down silos and encourages cross-functional collaboration, which can lead to more effective problem-solving and improved team performance.

Enhance Business Performance

Design Thinking can give senior executives a competitive advantage by helping them to create innovative solutions that are more aligned with customers’ needs. This can lead to higher customer satisfaction, increased market share, and greater profitability.

From Inspiration to Implementation

After four days of intensive and inspirational training workshops, we also provide four 1.5-hour follow-up coaching sessions to implement strategies and create business impact. The coaching sessions will be conducted in a team-based format.

The coaching sessions can reinforce their learning, help implement their strategies, provide advice to overcome real-world obstacles and maintain their change momentum.

Reinforcement of Learning
It helps participants reinforce what they have learned during the DesignThinkers Bootcamp. It allows them to apply the innovation mindset, skill set, and toolsets they have gained in a practical setting and to receive feedback on their implementation process.

Implementation of Strategies
It helps participants implement the action plan they have developed during the DT Bootcamp. It ensures that their innovation strategies are applied correctly and that any issues or challenges are promptly addressed.

Overcome real-world obstacles
It provides advice and support to participants regarding their progress. It helps them identify areas for improvement and gives them the tools and resources they need to overcome any obstacles.

Maintain Change Momentum
It helps ensure long-term success by providing participants with ongoing support and guidance. It helps them maintain momentum and achieve their business goals.

What you'll learn

Learn how to listen to your end-user, embed end-user insights, develop prototypes and work in small iterations. Dare to fail and pitch your story!

Welcome & Kick-off

Welcome & Introductions
Team dynamics
Meet the challenge owner


Introduction & Research
Masterclass Research
Briefing, Sensemaking
Persona Building


Framing & Ideation
Masterclass Opportunities
Customer Journey Map
Reframing, Ideation


Prototyping & Pitching
Masterclass Business
Testing prototypes


Reflect & Ceremony
Masterclass Apply DT
Personal reflection

Follow-Up Coaching

Reinforcement of Learning
Implementation of Strategies
Overcome real-world obstacles
Maintain Change Momentum

Meet your coaches

Our expert Facilitators will share their experience and tricks on how to implement Design Thinking in projects and organizations. That way you can start applying Design Thinking straight away in your daily working environment.

David Chung

Managing Partner of DesignThinkers Academy China and Hong Kong

He is the Managing Partner of DT Academy China and Hong Kong, Certified Design Thinking Facilitator, Level 4 of Certified Innovation Professional, Certified LEAN Leader, and DBA Candidate of Innovation Management

Jeroen van der Weide

Partner DesignThinkers Academy Amsterdam

Jeroen is a Partner & Senior Facilitator at DT Academy. He is a driving force when it comes to facilitating teams, designing creative processes, and brainstorm sessions. He has an MA in Dutch Theatre, Film & Communications.

David Kester

Managing Partner DesignThinkers Academy London

He advises on complex innovation and design projects with industry and national governments. David worked for over 25 years in the creative industries and is former Chief Executive of the UK Design Council.

Els Dragt

Trend Researcher, Trainer & Lecturer Studio Elsewhere

She is a Researcher, Trainer and published Author with over fifteen years of experience in human-centered and qualitative research. As a lecturer, she shares her research expertise with students and fellow professionals around the globe.

Ralf Beuker

Academic Coach & Professor of Design Management

Ralf has over 20 years of experience in supporting various organizations from the creative industries, with a focus on design-minded companies. His primary goal is to support teams and individuals in better fulfilling their roles within organizations in a strategic fashion, applying methodologies from Design in order to address such issues in a more human-centered way.

Elmo Diederiks

Partner DesignThinkers Academy Amsterdam

Elmo Diederiks, is a quick analytical thinker who has the overview and identifies the crucial details and is eager to bring a business to the next level and make a difference through social enterprise.


After successful completion of the 4-Day 4-Day DesignThinkers Bootcamp, participants are awarded a DesignThinkers Academy Certificate with a Badge (which is managed by the blockchain-based global certification management system). You can celebrate your achievement of becoming a true Design Thinker. All learning materials will be available after the course for personal use.


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