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Design Thinking for Customer Experience



Surviving in a volatile and complex emerging economy requires superior customer experience and satisfaction. This workshop will empower participants with tools for solving a wide range of challenges in the area of customer experience that are present in their operating environment. The objective of this design thinking workshop is designed to apply Design Thinking methodology to improve customer experience in an emerging economy like Nigeria and give competitive advantage to the participating organisations. What are some of the complex issues that could be addressed using the Design Thinking Methodology?

– Redefining Organisation Value
– Enhancing Customer Experience
– Challenges of improving quality of life of users
– Coping with shifting markets and behaviours
– Technological complexities
– Business model reinvention
– Handling peculiarities in emerging market
– Complex unsolved societal challenges



We strongly believe in ‘Learning by Doing’, so the DesignThinkers Workshop is a high energy and hands-on event. You’ll be challenged to work in small teams on real cases and learn to work with the Design Thinking tools like Personas, Cultural Probes, Customer Journey Mapping, Value Network Mapping, Prototyping, Business Modeling, Road Mapping and more. Moreover, a focus of the program will be on exploring the question of how to integrate these tools.
This training program is designed to apply Design Thinking in an organisation and how to create a buy-in within the organisation and sponsors. Besides the training program, participants will be handed out a toolkit, certificate and access to the DesignThinkers Academy Network environment.

Together with the coaches, you will find answers to:

– How can you successfully apply Design Thinking in solving complex business problems with digital transformation?

– How can you build empathy inside an organisation, use customer feedback, rate insights and translate them into implementable opportunities?

– How can you thrive in the shifting and emerging markets, behavioural and technological complexities?

– What are the fundamental principles of innovation and Design Thinking?

– How can you create stakeholder and sponsor buy-in?

– How DT can be used in redefining organisational value and Business model reinvention?


Dr. Olukunle A. Iyanda – Managing Partner of DesignThinkers Group NG. A skilled strategist and experienced corporate educator who advises on demystifying and enabling innovation and organisational strategic ability.

Dr. Charles Ikem – An experienced innovation and service designer with expertise in UI/UX, interaction design, design thinking, and digital transformation.

Robert Bloom – Managing Partner of DesignThinkers Group SA. Experienced Service Designer and Systems Thinking practitioner.

Victor Akhimien – Experienced business developer, passionate about delivering goals creatively and achieving innovative results.


The Design Thinking values is only attainable when it is pushed beyond the centers of innovation and made to include everyone in the organisation in order to create an environment where no one have difficulty in understanding the human centered approach required to promote creativity, drive innovation and achieve superior performance. It is beneficial to those who want to learn a new methods and maximise the potential of their organisation by acquiring the skill in DesignThinking tools and methodology and transforming their way of thinking and mindset.


The DesignThinking Workshop is organiSed by the DesignThinkers Academy. DesignThinkers Academy aims to inspire by organising thought-provoking events and lectures, trainings and personal coaching programmes to help organisations build the necessary capabilities, cultures and mind-set. The DesignThinkers Academy is initiated by DesignThinkers Group, a leading ‘design driven’ innovation agency helping organisations around the world making the transition from being strictly product oriented and sales driven towards – being service oriented and human-centered. The DesignThinkers Academy Network is an open platform to facilitate and inspire a rich conversation between creative thinkers & doers, to trigger a positive impact on peoples lives, careers and our ever-changing world.


Our main objective is to provide you with hands-on tools that you can use immediately the next day in your working environment.

Besides the training program you will be handed out a toolkit, certificate and access to the DT Academy Network virtual environment.

Design Thinking in Nigeria

The end result is aimed at a transformation of the participants, knowledge of tools and methods, a deep understanding of the value of design, and professional & personal growth.

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22, Wole Ariyo Street, Lekki Phase 1
Lagos, Nigeria


Early Bird NGN 275,000

Regular NGN 325,000

Late Worm NGN 350,000

  • Including lunch, snacks and drinks.
  • Discounts available for teams signing up or NGO’s.
  • Prices are exclusive of VAT.
  • BROOT Consulting: UBA (1007380111), Zenith Bank (1013121917), First Bank (2034129223) Acceptable mode of of
  • Payment: Direct transfer or certified Bank draft
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