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Masterclass Design Thinking in Education

(English spoken) ‘Design Thinking for Education’ is a 2-day Master Class that will introduce you to the concepts of Design Thinking in education and educational programs. This hands-on course teaches you to apply Design Thinking in order to create more meaningful experiences for your school or institution, your students and your team. We strongly believe in learning-by-doing, so the Design Thinking for Education will be a high energy, hands-on event where you experience for yourself how Design Thinking can energise and vitalize education.

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Tailor-made coaching around your challenge

This 2-day program educates you the basics of how to innovate as a designer; how you can involve your students in the innovation processes, how to do human centered research and how develop new ideas together with (end)users. We train you to develop practical options and implement innovative ideas within your education institute.

The program offers you the opportunity to work on a case or challenge from your own educational environment (so, start thinking about a course you like innovate or develop or a matter in your organisation that you would like to tackle). We will provide you with lots of inspiration and practice to reframe the situation and to design new possibilities.

Next to the challenge this course will contain small informal lectures and discussions. You will become more experienced in applying Design Thinking principles like visual thinking, empathy, iteration, storytelling to name a view. Along with these skills Design Thinking for Education will introduce you a network of other education professionals with similar interests.


This Master Class is aimed at teaching professionals and staff working in an educational institute (Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences) as well as trainers in a business environment. In short, anyone involved in education and learning and who is keen to know more about Design Thinking and Human Centered Innovation. Your goal is to be able to apply and facilitate these processes within education programs.


For several years now Design Thinking has helped organizations and individuals to rethink and redesign their value proposition to their end users. Often by completely changing and invigorating their industry. This goes both for the public and private sector. Thereby Design Thinking has become a strong driver for innovation and growth. It is only obvious to induce Design Thinking into the arena where learning and personal growth actually starts: the educational environment.


Meet your instructors

Olukunle Iyanda, Ph.D, FCA, MBA, MSc.

Managing Partner & Senior Facilitator DTA Nigeria

Managing Partner DT Nigeria/Senior Facilitator, is a skilled strategist, an experienced corporate educator who advises on demystifying and enabling innovation and organisational strategic agility.

Dr. Charles Ikem

Innovation and Service designer with expertise in UI/UX

An experienced innovation and service designer with expertise in UI/UX, interaction design, design thinking, and digital transformation.


In 2 days we will cover the first 3 stages of Design Thinking: Discover, Define, Develop (Ideate). The last stage, Deliver, will be discussed during the closing. During the Discover phase you seek to get new insights into your challenge. Doing research, empathizing and differing judgement are important skills to put to work here. In Define we put your teams power to work by deepening those insights into opportunities for solutions. The next step is Develop where we generate many ideas for your challenge by applying various Ideation techniques. The best ideas are made tangible in prototypes so they can be tested on end-users. At the end of day 2 you present the, tested and fine-tuned, solution to your challenge. In the closing, we discuss how your concept may be implemented in your organisation.

Tools introduced during this Master Class:
Tools will include; Customer Journey Mapping, Building a Persona, Value Proposition Canvas, Stakeholder Mapping, Service Scenario and Stakeholder Value Network. Depending on the chosen challenge other appropriate tools may be introduced

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Tailor-made coaching around your challenge