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Online Design Thinking for Customer Experience May 2021


The interactive online Design Thinking for Customer Experience training is designed to equip you with the design thinking mindset, tools and skills to kick-start bold innovation. You will be working virtually on a customer-centred challenge under live guidance of our skilled facilitators. With a combination of live classroom sessions, group assignments and homework you will gain practical knowledge and experience to apply design thinking in your daily work.


Focus on how to implement design thinking in your daily work;
Live and personal guidance from our expert facilitators;
Learn to empathize with your customers to improve your proposition and strategy;
Develop your creative problem solving skills and mindset for innovation;
Increase your confidence for remote & multi-disciplinary collaboration.


You’ll be introduced to design thinking by directly working with a set of tools and methods under the guidance of our leading coaches, which you can then use immediately on user -centred challenges.

You will gain an understanding of the principles and mindsets that underpin design thinking, and obtain practical experience with design thinking’s key tools and processes. Armed with this new understanding, you’ll return to work with creative problem-solving techniques that you can share in a multi-disciplinary team.

All tools covered are made available, so that you can take these and start applying them in your work context.


In our introductory session we will onboard you to the course. This is an opportunity to meet the other participants, outline your ‘Hopes & Fears’ for the session and learn the basics of radical collaboration online.  It will also give you your first introduction to Design Thinking principles and mindsets.

Discovery through empathy:
We get a deeper sense of the design thinking process and mindsets and how to set up a DT project.

We will start with a broad challenge and practice divergent thinking techniques that are grounded in empathizing with stakeholders. We will cover story gathering and data collection techniques as we identify any assumptions and biases. We will do user research (as homework) and learn how to empathise with others (with a particular focus on techniques to use during social distancing)

Methods covered in this session: stakeholder map, user research, interviews and observation

In this session learn how to make sense of data to get to customer insights. Based on the insights you’ve uncovered we will build a clear picture of what you know around the challenge, to eventually reframe this challenge.

Methods covered in this session: affinity mapping, personas, touch-points and opportunity mapping

From Reframe to Novel Concepts:
We make sure we have identified a problem worth solving (a promising opportunity). We reframe the challenge as a central focal point and focus on developing solutions. We will introduce various brainstorming techniques.

Methods covered in this session: opportunity statements, ideation methods, idea prioritization

Prototyping and Storytelling:
This session really taps into your creative problem-solving abilities with rapid prototyping and testing of early-stage concepts. We practice storyboarding and building and presentation of prototype concepts through storytelling techniques.

Methods covered in this session: concept proposition, storyboarding, prototyping, importance of iteration

Consolidation and Certificates:

In the final session, your final presentation of your prototypes takes place, after which we run an open conversation session.

This is a semi-structured open conversation session that will be partly shaped by the needs and interests of the participants. You’ll have the opportunity to share any challenges that you’ve encountered or foresee in applying design thinking moving forward. We will award your certificates of completion.


This course is for anyone who is new to design thinking and wants to get a foundational understanding and gain practical experience in applying its core principles and key methods. You may be from a corporate, independent consultancy, start-up, government department or academic institution. This is a practical, live course where you’ll experience Design Thinking in action with a focus on designing for Customer Experience (CX), this course format is less disruptive to regular work rhythm.


Dr. Olukunle A. Iyanda – Managing Partner of DesignThinkers Group NG. A skilled strategist and experienced corporate educator who advises on demystifying and enabling innovation and organisational strategic ability.

Dr. Charles Ikem – An experienced innovation and service designer with expertise in UI/UX, interaction design, design thinking, and digital transformation.

Robert Bloom – Managing Partner of DesignThinkers Group SA. Experienced Service Designer and Systems Thinking practitioner.

Aderinola Oluruntoye, a business intelligence and enterprise data specialist with skills in Business Analytics, Data Warehousing, Business Process Management, Business Intelligence and Enterprise Software.
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About this Event

Length: 3 weeks, 2hours/session, 18 contact hours  & homework

Time: 10:30am – 12:30am (WAT)

Monday 10 May – Session 1
Tuesday 11 May – Session 2
Wednesday 12 May- Session 3
Monday 17 May – Session 4
Tuesday 18 May – Session 5
Wednesday19 May-Session 6
Monday 24 May – Session 7
Tuesday 25 May – Session 8
Wednesday 26May- Session 9

Online platforms: Miro & Zoom


Ticket price $638.01
Discounts available for teams signing up or NGO’s.
Prices are exclusive of VAT.
BROOT Consulting: UBA (1007380111), Zenith Bank (1013121917), First Bank (2034129223)
Acceptable mode of of Payment: Direct transfer or certified Bank draft
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