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5-Day DesignThinkers Global Bootcamp Week (Certificate)

The DesignThinkers Bootcamp offers a unique team of internationally recognized and highly experienced...

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2-Day Employee Experience Design Thinking Course

Design Thinking is entering the world of Human Resources Management more and more...

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4-Month Creative Leadership Program

The Creative Leadership Program, powered by DesignThinkers Academy, is a hybrid program in leadership and strategic design...

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Executive School 'This is Service Design Doing'

Learn how to apply Service Design Thinking to the rapid innovation of Customer Experiences in...

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2 Daagse Design Thinking Facilitatie Training

(Nederlands) Leer hoe je workshops optimaal begeleidt aan de hand van de principes van Design Thinking. In deze intensieve...

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(NL) Design Thinking Fundamentals Course

(Dutch spoken) Een interactieve tweedaagse training waarin je uitgebreid kennis maakt met de…

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1 Daagse Training Customer Journey Mapping

(Nederlands) In deze 1 daagse training leer je de basisprincipes van de Design Thinking tools en terminology. De focus ligt hierbij op...

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2 Daagse Design Thinking Fundamentals Training

(Nederlands) In deze interactieve 2 daagse training maak je uitgebreid kennis met de principes van Design Thinking. Je gaat...

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Advanced Design Thinking Facilitation Course

This training is aimed at everyone who considers themselves an experienced Design Thinking facilitator...

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