Course Description

8-Module Facilitation Certification of Competence April 2021

South Africa


The Design Thinking Certification program will give you the practical experience necessary to confidently facilitate Design Thinking projects.

You will be coached along a project of your choice by experienced Design Thinking facilitators over the 8 week period. You will draw on your facilitation and creative thinking practices to lead a small bite-sized group through the design thinking framework with the intention of helping the team come up with a new value proposition (novel concepts) to a specified user group.

We invite you to join the Advanced Facilitation Certification of Competence program. A formal evaluation by Design Thinking experts from the global DesignThinkers Academy network will be conducted after the 8-week project.

Who can participate?

You have previously completed a Design Thinking Facilitation Training by DesignThinkers Academy or equivalent. You are then eligible to take an advanced step in your Design Thinking Facilitation learning journey. Anyone from around the world can participate in this program.

If you would like to learn more about our DesignThinkers Facilitation training please click this link:


Run a project of your own choice to advance your Design Thinking facilitation practice with new and challenging components. This should include leading a multi-disciplinary kick-off session, guiding difficult stakeholders through the process, catalyzing insights into ideas through a reframe and helping participants embody the design thinking principles and mindsets. You will attend 2-3 coaching sessions during the process to review the work you are doing where experienced coaches/trainers (and your peers) will provide recommendations as you “learn by doing”.

An Action Learning Project

You will run your own project and submit a Portfolio of Work Done (PoWD), which includes a minimum of 16 hours of fieldwork to be completed over 8 weeks post the Design Thinking Advanced Facilitation Training.

Oral Assessment

Engage in a 30 mins assessment oral (most likely online), in which you discuss your submission and answer questions about Design Thinking Facilitation.


3 online group sessions focusing on progress reporting, resource sharing and Q&A.

WhatsApp group – alerts about resources, real-time responses to your questions, collegiality and camaraderie during the learning journey as you undertake your fieldwork.

Links to resources and additional insights on embedding Design Thinking in your context.


  • You have attended a Design Thinking Facilitation Training offered by the DesignThinkers Academy (or equivalent), and
  • You have received a Certificate of Completion for your participation in the above training (or equivalent), OR
  • You have more than 1 year of Design Thinking facilitation or equivalent practice under your belt;
  • You wish to undertake the fieldwork task, and to submit a portfolio of work done (PoWD), the fieldwork should offer evidence of a total of at least 16 hours of active facilitation, and
  • You are willing to participate in a 30 mins oral to discuss your submission. This will be done on Zoom.


There are 3 strands to your PoWD that you will be required to complete:

Strand 1Reflection on Experience to Create Learnings during the Design Thinking Facilitation Training you attended. Counts 15% weighting

The purpose of this strand is to demonstrate your capability to create learnings that are relevant to you and your context from your experiences during your Design Thinking Facilitation Training. David Boud – Adults do not learn from experience. They learn by reflecting on experience.

Strand 2: Your Competency DevelopmentPrinciples, Concepts, and Practices from Design Thinking and Design Thinking Facilitation that you will focus on. Counts 15% weighting.

The purpose of this strand is to demonstrate your capability to expand your Design Thinking Facilitation knowledge and skills through independent study.

Strand 3 – Fieldworkin which you facilitate Design Thinking in a context of your choice. Counts 70% weighting (includes the oral)

The purpose of this strand is to integrate principles, concepts and practices with your learnings from your training, in order to design, implement and report on your facilitation of a piece of Design Thinking in a context of your choice.

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About this Event

Certificate of Competence: A certificate of Competence is issued to those who submit Proof of Work completed to a satisfactory level during the 8 week program.

Oral: You are also required to attend an Oral with members of DesignThinkers global council.

If you are based outside South Africa we will not charge you VAT.


Commencement Date: 29th April – 30th of June

Fees for the certification is R4 995 ex Vat

Online platforms: Miro & Zoom
Language: English
Max. participants: 10



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