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Online Design Thinking for Creative Leadership (Advanced) July 2021

South Africa

Design Thinking for Creative Leadership training provides individuals and teams who want to advance their capability to create value through creative problem solving, with an invigorating learning experience. It is designed to help participants design an effective approach to innovation through creative problem solving.

Creativity is the ability to generate novel and useful ideas, while innovation is the successful implementation of creative ideas. 

The program supports individuals and teams who are looking for opportunities to open up to new ways for Creative Problem Solving.  Assisting with methods to collaborate online, in the cloud, the program ensures creative engagement with dynamic learning material.

This Creative Leadership program provides tools and builds the capabilities that help individuals and teams drive innovation and customer-centred solutions. It helps managers develop a more advanced leadership approach to set teams up for success.


6 online sessions of 3.00 hours hours each over 4 weeks

A minimum of 45 minutes required between session to research, collaborate and use the tools.

A series of pre-work videos and material to go through in prep for the course.


The program will develop the participants individual creative problem solving capabilities, enhancing creative confidence while ensuring a focus on how to co-create customer value by linking organisational silos through a common projects.

Capabilities we will focus on are:

  1. Empathy: Tapping into the participants inherent empathic skills to take in fresh perspectives and lead teams through careful listening and a deeper sense of self awareness
  2. Managing Complexity: Participants will learn to identify preferred outcomes when exploring unchartered territory – to understand the big picture and understand how to identify drivers and root causes
  3. Radical collaboration: Participants will learn to lead radically collaborative projects focusing on value generation while co-creating prototypes to test
  4. Value-generation: Participant will identify the conducive conditions needed for teams to deliver value to customers through responsive innovation

This program will support people who are working in distributed teams to explore new ways of working. It will enable creative problem solving using online collaboration tools like Miro or Mural.


Through Learning by Doing participants will develop their ability in the following:

MODULE ONE – Leading through empathy

Empathy: Identifying with the human condition and learning to help design solutions for others having understood their needs and pain points and helping others to do the same

MODULE TWO: Making Sense of Complexity

Sensemaking: Using techniques to help others synthesize and make sense of complexity b

Complex problem solving: Mapping systemic challenges to define user-centred opportunities that add value to stakeholders

Whole System Thinking: Learning to look at the big picture while identifying patterns, generating insights and discovering interrelationships through drivers and outcomes

MODULE THREE: Designing Novel Solutions to generate Value Exchange

Iteration: Crafting value exchanges by ideating, testing and iterating newly developed prototypes with customers in a radically collaborative way

The training will help participants identify opportunities to catalyze creative confidence and enable creative problem solving in colleagues and other stakeholders.

“Creative confidence is the ability to take creative leaps and develop new concepts by making links between seemingly disconnected elements”

Six live online webinars

Over the course of 6 webinars, this Online Design Thinking for Creative Leadership training will generate an understanding of the theory and disciplines related to design thinking with experienced practitioners.

A blend of theory and practice

Each session will combine some theory and some practice, using online tools that support integrating Design Thinking (Creative Problem Solving) principles and mindsets into leadership behaviour.

Fast paced and interactive

During the Online Design Thinking for Creative Leadership training, we will go through a series of short and interactive sessions using tools and techniques to discover how to lead innovation from the trenches.

Based on a real problem

We will provide a challenge that will

Cover how to identify opportunities in organisations to drive creative problem solving

Determine where to intervene in a complex system

Enable using key tools that support a creative doing environment

Enable a real-world case of how to radically co-create new concepts


The major part of the Online Design Thinking for Creative Leadership training, however, will be spent doing hands-on work on a case using the different online and paper-based tools.

It will involve ‘learning by doing’ and include a focus on identifying conditions for successfully driving innovation.

A focus on cocreation

This training will help leaders uncover the barriers to successfully create new concepts, while empathising with the customer’s needs and emotions.

Asking the right questions

We will review questions like:

  • How might we outperform the competition by generating unprecedented value for our customers?
  • What institutional barriers are preventing innovation in our organisation?
  • What are the conditions required to enable or unblock innovative concepts?
  • Which team members should work together on a challenge and how do we help them succeed?

In between classes you will be required to complete “homework” by doing research, sharing information online with your fellow participants and diving into the use of the tools.

This will support your understanding on how to work remotely in teams as well as enable a customer-oriented mindset given the social distancing scenario.


Robert Bloom, is a senior facilitator focused on stimulating creative leadership and innovation ecosystems within organisational environments. Robert strives to help organisations find new opportunities that drive market leadership. He has worked with multiple listed companies, agencies and government services around the globe. Robert is the founding partner of DesignThinkers Group and DesignThinkers Academy South Africa

Pedro Janeiro: Design Thinker fascinated about how Design, Networking and New technologies are contributing to a major redefinition of services and companies. Pedro is the founding partner of DesignThinkers Group Portugal and works on global accounts with an excellent command of English.

Colin Skelton will be your creative thinking guide. Drawing on practices and techniques from performance and theatre traditions around the world, he will introduce various activated ways of harvesting, exploring and engaging with research data as it relates to empathy and new concept development. Colin has led and facilitated creative workshops in South Africa and abroad for over 20 years.


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About this Event

Length: 4 weeks, 6 contact hours per week & 1 hour homework

Time: 09:00 AM – 12:15 PM (SAST)
July- 1st 9-11 CET Kick-off  Design Brief and multi-disciplinary team

July 5- & 8: Module 1 Leading through Research and Empathy

July 12 & 15:  Module 2: Making Sense of complexity (Sensemaking and Systems Thinking)

July 19 & 22: Module 3: Developing Novel Solutions (Co-creating Value Exchange)

Online platforms: Miro & Zoom
Language: English
Max. participants: 10


Early Bird Ticket Price R16 950 until 31st March 2021

Regular Ticket Price R17 450

All prices exclude VAT.

A certificate in Advanced Design Thinking from DesignThinkers Academy is awarded to participants who successfully complete the course.

Discounts available for teams signing up, non-profits and government organisations.


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