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Online Effective Storytelling course May 2021

South Africa

Online Effective Storytelling course: Are you a designer, leader, brand manager, sales consultant or active in any position where you need to sway an audience? Perhaps you have heard that storytelling could help but you are not sure where to start?

Storytelling is a highly effective communication and connectivity tool being used more and more frequently in business. Attention is a scarce resource in today’s modern context and storytelling is an effective way to not only get people’s attention but also to make one’s message impactful, memorable and to inspire action.

This interactive, fun and practical online Effective Storytelling course will equip you with an understanding of how to practically approach storytelling as a communication strategy: how to structure, craft and delivery an empathic story that is tailored for your intended audience. You will also learn how to use storytelling as an effective marketing and brand-building tool.

You will be introduced to the various aspects of storytelling including the compelling scientific rationale behind storytelling, the economic benefit of storytelling, storytelling design and frameworks, components of a good story and choices for effective delivery. The training will also cover ways to gather and harvest stories, including other relevant considerations for planning and delivering an effective story.

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  • Become familiar with the frameworks and design of stories.
  • Understand the components of a great story
  • Empathise with your audience for human-centred story strategy
  • The value story: understand what people care about
  • Storytelling for design thinking and prototypes
  • Effective story delivery
  • Apply storytelling to design and prototyping
  • Creative, learn-by-doing approach to storytelling online


  • Research (gather) stories that matter
  • Craft a story with a solid structure
  • Deliver a story confidently and effectively
  • Knowledge of when and how apply story across operational contexts


Duration of each session: 2 hours
How many sessions per week: 2
Total – 8 hours

This 2-module/week online storytelling training consists of 4 sessions focusing on all aspects of storytelling relevant to furthering your understanding of the value of storytelling and will equip you with the practical tools required to apply this knowledge.

Each week consists of interactive Online Classroom sessions and tips to start applying and practicing what you learn. The training will include a post-training, 1-hour of individual storytelling coaching.

 On boarding:

1 week before the first module we invite you to join us in the online environment to meet your facilitators and fellow participants. We find it very important that you feel comfortable, secure and motivated to work together for the upcoming weeks in this online learning environment.

 Sessions 1 & 2:

2 x 2-hour Online Classroom sessions, 2 times a week

 Sessions 3 & 4:

2 x 2-hour Online Classroom sessions, 2 times a week

Certificate & Toolkit

After completing the 2-Week online storytelling training and assignments you can celebrate your achievement of becoming an applied storyteller! You will receive your personal Design Thinkers Effective Storyteller Certificate and access to all relevant resources.


The online Storytelling training is open to anyone who feels curious about storytelling as an essential communication and activation tool. The skills taught can be applied in a wide range of context and will meet multiple needs in the business context.


Colin Skelton will be your storytelling trainer. Colin is a creativity facilitator, a design thinker, entrepreneur, theatre-maker and storytelling consultant. His facilitation work and style includes a range of complimentary, proactive methodologies and innovation tools that follow a ‘learn by doing’ approach to human development, communication and collaboration. Colin follows an action-oriented focus to exploring ideas, concepts and desired outcomes.

Colin has a Masters in Dramatic Art from Wits (2007) and holds an International DesignThinkers Certificate of Competence from The DesignThinkers Group. He is a partner at DesignThinkers Group SA. See his profile here: Colin Skelton on Linked-IN

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About this Event

The course takes place in 4 sessions over 2 weeks:

Tuesday 4 May- Session 1
Thursday 6 May- Session 2
Tuesday 11 May- Session 3
Thursday 13 May- Session 4

Time: 9:30 AM – 11:30 AM (SAST)

Online platforms: Miro & Zoom
Language: English
Max. participants: 10


Early Bird Ticket Price R4 950,00
until 4 April 2021

Regular Ticket Price R5 450,00

Prices are intended excluding VAT.

Discounts available for teams signing up, Non-Profits and Government Organizations.


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