Design Thinking Facilitator Certification

Become a Certified Design Thinking Facilitator

South Africa

Do you want to know how to facilitate a Design Thinking session?
How to embed design thinking across organisational functions?
How to manage a design thinking critical path?
How to ensure workshop outcomes are carried forward into the implementation pipeline?
How to manage challenging participants or stakeholders?
How and when to move from design thinking concepts to a “lean-start-up” or “agile” implementation?

If this sounds like you then we have created this program and offer to see you through your journey.




Step 1
If you do not already have design thinking experience / background, then first step is to complete the 2-Day Design Thinking Fundamentals course.

Step 2
Complete the 3-Day Design Thinking Facilitator Training

Step 3
Complete the

Pricing: 50% off the Early Bird Design Thinking Fundamentals course, plus join us for the early bird pricing for the Design Thinking Facilitator Training R 19 995,00


This high energy 2-day design thinking course will give you a deeper level of understanding of the design thinking principles, key tools and terminology. You will be “Learning-by-Doing“ how to master the following tools and the Design Thinking principles. Most of the two days will be spent on working on a specific case using different tools.

11-12 July 2019 JHB

19-20 August 2019 CPT


This 3-day high energy design thinking facilitator training gives participants the confidence to plan for and facilitate design thinking projects and workshop sessions.

24-26 July 2019

6-8 November 2019