Course Description

Online Design Thinking Intensive Course – February 2021


February 17-23, 2021

This LIVE-ONLINE Design Thinking Intensive course takes place over five, five-hour sessions and is a unique opportunity to learn Design Thinking principles and practices. You can use these practices to help identify and prioritize strategic business opportunities, improve customer satisfaction, break down silos, and energize teams. This is an online version of our flagship in-person Bootcamp, updated and specially designed for online delivery. If you are looking for an intensive learning experience in a concentrated period, optimized for a busy work life, this course is for you.

The DT Intensive is a high energy, deep-dive learning experience led by a team of seasoned facilitators. The course includes daily master classes and personal coaching from experts in design research and experience design. You will gain the confidence that comes from working on a real-world design challenge for an organization. Unlike many other courses, this course unfolds over five consecutive days (including a weekend break) so your learning experience is concentrated and truly intensive.


At the completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand what Design Thinking (DT) is, how it differs from other problem solving methodologies, and when and how to apply it; 
  • Learn about the different applications of Design Thinking as well as case studies from leading Design Thinking experts;
  • Use DT methods and tools to gather data, define challenges, as well as ideate, prototype, and test solutions;
  • Develop an implementable solution to a real-life design challenge;
  • Become more innovative, creative, and confident in your problem solving capabilities;
  • Learn to work collaboratively and effectively  in a virtual environment.


We believe that experience is the best teacher. That is why our approach for this course is hands-on, ‘Learning by Doing.’ You will connect to your instructors and fellow participants through the Zoom video conferencing application, and learn to use a set of tools that are foundational to the Design Thinking methodology using the virtual whiteboard application MURAL. 

Throughout the course you will be collaborating virtually in small teams to tackle a real-life design challenge for an organization. You will conduct research with actual stakeholders of the design challenge, and your team may develop a concept that the organization implements.

Online learning offers many advantages, but it can be exhausting to stare at a screen continuously for hours on end. This course has been carefully designed to optimize learning and minimize fatigue. This format has been honed over months of live experimentation and leverages best practices from leading online education institutions including our 13 global DT Academy teams.


Session 0: ON-BOARDING (TBD, 1 week prior to course)

Meet the facilitation team;
Become acclimated with the tech that will be used throughout the workshop;
Receive a brief introduction into Design Thinking.

Session 1: RESEARCH DAY, TBD February 2021

Introduction to the Design Thinking methodology and the design challenge;
Learn how to create a design research plan and develop interview questions;
Interview people from the challenge host’s company to gather data;
Dive into one of our expert coach’s case studies;
Interview masterclass.

Session 2: INSIGHTS DAY, TBD February 2021

Distill data gathered from interviews;
Redefine the design challenge;
Create a persona and use journey maps to gather more information about the persona;
Dive into one of our expert coach’s case studies.

Session 3: DESIGN DAY, TBD February 2021

Conduct a structured brainstorm to start ideating solutions to the redefined design challenge;
Develop a selection of these ideas with a small team;
Ultimately choose one idea to prototype and test;
Design masterclass.

Session 4: BUSINESS DAY, TBD February 2021

Create a virtual prototype of a design challenge solution;
Develop a test for this prototype;
Test the validity of the solution on people from host company;
Iterate this prototype;
Business masterclass.

Session 5: STORYTELLING DAY, TBD February 2021

Present the iterated prototype to the rest of the group;
Provide feedback on final ideas;
Wrap up activities for reflection on the workshop.


Each participant will receive the following upon successful completion of the course:

  • DesignThinkers Group’s DT Toolkit methods book
  • A copy of course presentation and reference materials
  • All course templates and frameworks in both PDF and MURAL formats
  • A certificate of completion from DT Academy


Our team of expert coaches and facilitators will share their experiences during the Bootcamp and will guide you and your workshop team as you solve a real-world design challenge, from the research phase to designing concepts. We will cover strategies for implementing new solutions using Design Thinking in organizations.

Emma Jeffries, PhD (Research & Insights Coach) is a design researcher and strategist who has co-authored two books on design thinking. Her prior work includes organizational design, user research and service design in six countries, where she guided organizations of different sizes to develop continuous learning and growth-focused cultures. She recently completed a four-year project with the UK government building innovative empathy programs to foster inclusive cultures and improve employee experience. Emma recently relocated to Portland, OR, where she is focusing on design research and empathy programs.

Mariana Cavalcanti (Design & Ideation Coach) has deep experience designing experiences in a variety of sectors and organizations from mid-sized to large Fortune 500 organizations. Mariana has extensive experience working on both the client side and from within agencies to design digital and offline experiences. She brings a wealth of contextual experience to bear as a designer, consultant, educator and speaker working across all levels of organizations to drive change through design-oriented approaches.

Chris Baer is an expert in human-centered design at the intersection of leadership, innovation and talent development. He has led complex global initiatives spanning brand creation or revitalization, digital product design, enterprise innovation strategy, and talent development solutions. Chris held executive positions at a global hospitality company, an international marketing firm and consulted to Fortune 500s and start-ups on product and UX strategy. In addition to his consulting, executive coaching and entrepreneurial work, Chris is an accomplished artist and deejay.


Our team of facilitators will focus continuously on your teams’ progress as you go through the different activities of the Design Thinking process.

Marc Bolick leads the US office of DesignThinkers Group, working to help clients find creative solutions to complex problems and to embed design thinking as a strategic advantage in their organizations. With over 20 years of experience in various aspects of product and service design, Marc has worked in a variety of sectors and clients including General Electric, Michelin, SAP, Coca-Cola, Qualcomm, Bank of America, Electrolux, Master Card, the US Agency for International Development, the US Food and Drug Administration, and a variety of early-stage companies.

Ezequiel Williams is a business strategist, service designer, ethnographer, and innovation consultant passionate about helping organizations better understand their customers and create offerings that people want and drive brand loyalty. He works with leaders to solve complex problems using a combination of design thinking, anthropology, and business tools to create value for organizations’ customers as well as their employees.

Steve Bosak is an innovation facilitator and instructor for DesignThinkers Group based in Washington, DC. He has helped non-profit and private sector clients learn and apply design thinking to their organizational challenges. Steve earned a Masters in Environmental Management and has more than 20 years of experience with national and international environmental non-profits, U.S. and foreign government natural resource agencies, and private sector energy firms. He has applied his innovation facilitation skills to develop biodiversity policies, education programs, internet outreach tools for advocacy groups, and new services and products.

Katie Weber is an innovation facilitator and the operations manager for DesignThinkers Group. Her design thinking experience comes from her work at Colgate University. She co-founded an innovation program and led design thinking workshops for a wide range of participants. She also co-developed and taught a university course on design thinking focused on designing for accessibility. Katie provides technical support throughout the duration of DTG’s courses, making sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible.


Our main objective is to provide you with hands-on tools that you can apply immediately to your work.

As part of the training program you will receive a set of design thinking tools, a certificate of completion, and access to the DT Academy alumni network.

We strive for nothing short of a transformational experience for participants. You will acquire a deeper knowledge of core design thinking tools and methods, a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, and overall professional & personal growth.

About this Event

Length: 5 half-day sessions with a weekend break in the middle

Dates & Times:
On-boarding session: 1 hour session, 1 week before course
Course: February 17-19 & 22-23, 11-4 pm ET 

Online Platforms: Zoom and Mural
Language: English
Maximum participants: 16


Early bird ticket: $2,900
(ends January 10, 2021)

Regular ticket: $3,500

Registration price includes access to online video conferencing and collaboration applications. Each participant will receive our 131 page Design Thinking Toolkit methods book and PDF versions of the tools used in the 32 methods covered.

Discounts available for multiple people from the same organization, non-profits, academic and government organizations.


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