Course Description

3-Day Data-Driven Service Innvation (7 Oct 2023)

This 3-Day program combines masterclasses, case studies, tool practices, and a deep dive into the Know-How of Design Thinking methodology and Data Science. After the program, you will be able to

  1. Capture the Real-time, Measurable, and Quantitative pain point(s) of your targeted customer segment(s)
  2. Leverage digital to develop compelling Value Propositions and Business Strategies that help your business to turn a threat into an opportunities
  3. Integrate digital technologies (such as AI, AR/ VR, IoT, and Digital Currency)to create a high-impact digital customer experience
  4. Realize the Low-cost, High-fidelity, and Time-saving ways for prototyping with affordable digital technologies
  5. Master Change Leadership relative to Policies, Processes and People across four phases of digital transformation(Ignition, Lift-off, Launch and Sustain)


Early Bird Price

HKD 8,500 (Enroll before One month)




Cantonese with English Materials

Standard Price

HKD 9,000


7-hr for each day

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About this course

Design thinking has spread like wildfire across the business world after some iconic digital enterprises (like Apple, Airbnb, Amazon, Citibank, Uber, and Google) demonstrated the customer satisfaction, revenue and market share it could drive. The approach typically aims at digital transformation and product innovation by harnessing qualitative insights with quantitative prediction and a relentless focus on customer needs.

This program provides the unique mindset, skill sets, and tool sets that will allow you to develop a strategic response and align your organization for effective strategy execution. In addition, it will empower you to become more proactive in Human-Centered Data Management, helps you turn digital threats into opportunities and allow you to leverage digital to create a competitive advantage and enhance business performance.

What you'll learn

Learn how to listen to your end-user, embed end-user insights, develop prototypes and work in small iterations. Dare to fail and pitch your story!

Welcome & Kick-off

Meet the team
Introducing DT
Keynote & Cases


Stakeholder Mapping
Design Research
Social Listening & Analytics
Persona Map
Sentiment Analysis


Customer Journey Map
Emotional Impact Analysis


Use the various Ideation Techniques and Tools


Rapid Prototyping
Data-Story Telling
Lean Canvas
Data Analytics

Meet your coaches

The Experts in Design Thinking, Data Science, and Digital Marketing will share their experiences in the form of masterclasses and will guide you on their specific topics. That way, you can start applying Design Thinking straight away in your daily working environment.

David Chung

Managing Partner of DesignThinkers Academy China and Hong Kong

He is the Managing Partner of DT Academy China and Hong Kong, Certified Design Thinking Facilitator, Level 4 of Certified Innovation Professional, Certified LEAN Leader, and DBA Candidate of Innovation Management


A blockchain-based digital certificate and a digital badge will be awarded to the participant who completes all training lessons and the following requirements throughout the course:

  • Participate in all the activities and complete all exercises during the training workshop (No any assignment after the class)
  • Temporary absence is accepted for not more than 30% of total learning hours
  • Show up with a full facial expression in front of the camera in all training lessons (For Online lessons Only)

All learning materials will be available after the course for personal use.

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