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DesignThinkers Mindsetter: Fly Handsfree

Read more about the DesignThinkers Fly Handsfree. Break the ice and enter a creative mindset.
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DesignThinkers Mindsetter: Step Clap Tap

Read more about the DesignThinkers Step Clap Tap. Activate both sides of the brain and create a lot of laughter.
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DesignThinkers Mindsetter: Word is a gift

Read more about the DesignThinkers Word is a Gift. Trigger an open mindset in people and listen to another.
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DesignThinkers Customer Journey Map

Read more about the DesignThinkers Customer Journey Map, a structured visualisation of the experience of a user.
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DesignThinkers Idea Brainwriting Tool

Read more about the DesignThinkers Idea Brainwriting, a tool to start co-creating new ideas in a team.
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DesignThinkers Service Scenario Map

Read more about the DesignThinkers Service Scenario and Business Model Map, a visualisation of future scenarios of service.
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"We strongly believe that design can be used more effectively at a strategic level in organisations."

Marjo Staring, co-founder designthinkers

Articles & Publications

Understanding how Design Thinking, Lean and Agile Work Together

Article by Jonny Schneider, Flipboard

December 2018

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The ideas of Agile are great. It’s the way it has been codified into rituals and certifications, and rolled out mindlessly that misses the point. When people talk about Lean, the conversation often ends at process optimization, waste, and quality, and misses so much of...

Design Thinking: A Quick Overview

Article by by Rikke Dam and Teo Siang , Interaction Design Foundation

October 2019

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Design Thinking means many things to many people, and this theme persists into the practical implementation as well. There are a wide variety of process breakdowns and visualisations ranging typically between 3 and 7 steps.

Why Design Thinking Works

Article by Jeanne Liedtka, Harvard Business Review

October 2018

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In this article Jeanne explores a variety of human tendencies that get in the way of innovation and describes how design thinking’s tools and clear process steps help teams break free of them. Let’s begin by looking at what organizations need from innovation—and at why...

Spreading Design Thinking in Large Organizations

Article by Anna Kalme, Idean

March 2018

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A four-pillar framework to support evangelists and forerunners making this movement happen. If you are reading this, it is likely you are already familiar with the concept of design thinking. You’ve likely read about it, applied the principles in your own work, and maybe even...

Design workshops that work

Article by Cindy Chang, Intercom

December 2017

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As a product designer creating digital experiences, it’s equally important to obsess over the physical ones too. Design and collaboration go hand in hand. When we want to discuss problems, imagine new ideas and brainstorm solutions, it’s best to bring people together.

Design Thinking of Lean Startup? Best of both worlds

Article by Gijsbert Croes, branddoctors

August 2017

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Natuurlijk ben je aan het experimenteren met Scrum, Lean Startup, Design thinking of zelfsturing. Anders doe je anno 2017 niet mee. Maar wat is nu precies het verschil tussen de éne en de andere methodiek, wat is de bias for action en waarom zou je...

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Coca-Cola Atlanta | DTA session

Here a quick look at the Design Thinking Session organized by DesignThinkers Academy for Coca-Cola in Atlanta.

ING | How we innovate

What’s the link between the PACE Toolkit, Innovation Bootcamp, accelerators and fintechs?

Randstad | The Kitchen

How does a global organisation like Randstad deploy Design Thinking to improve the user experience?

Coca-Cola Atlanta | DTA session

ING | How we innovate

Randstad | The Kitchen

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