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Introduction to Creative Thinking Training Course (Certificate)

A high-energy 1-Day introduction of the theory and practice of Creative Thinking. We believe in ‘learning-by-doing’. Your personal creativity will get a boost and you will learn how you can improve all parts of the Design Thinking process, with a focus on Ideation.

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About this course

You will learn what the rules for a strong brainstorming session are in relation to participants and process and practice several strong divergence tools to find new ideas as well as use different convergence technics to build concepts out of the ideas. The course encompasses a complete brainstorm process and helps you recognize what the tricks to gain control over Ideation as a facilitator are.

Creativity has an aura of uncontrollability. At the end of this course, you will have experienced the opposite. Creative Thinking is an effective process to solve problem statements for you and your team in the daily working environment.

What you'll learn

The activities during this course are a balanced mix of theory and practice. Below you find a global outline of the topics that will be addressed.

Part 1 Theory

A short introduction to Creative Thinking. What is it? What’s the difference between logical thinking? Can I compare it with CPS or SIT?

Part 2 Attitudes and Skills

There are two major attitudes about Creative Thinking: Defer Judgement and Be Expansive. These attitudes can be strengthened by the use of three skills: Imagination, Perception and Association. You will experience all these five elements throughout the training.

Part 3 Learning by Doing

On the basis of the process of Creative Thinking, you will experience a complete brainstorm. You will practice several strong divergence tools to find new ideas and use different convergence technics to build concepts out of the ideas.

Participant profile

The course is designed for:

Young Professionals (individuals)...

…looking to use creative thinking in their daily work to create true impact with customers and stakeholders

Product/Service Designers...

…who want to learn more about creative thinking in product/service design and present in a memorable and impactful way

Managers or Team Leaders...

…seeking for hands-on training how to incorporate creative thinking to support organizational goals and to better connect to customers and stakeholders

No previous experience or knowledge required

Meet your coaches

Tim Schuurman

Co-Owner DesignThinkers Academy Amsterdam

As co-owner of DT Academy, Tim has extensive experience in designing and implementing concepts, holding a MBA & MSc in Business and Financial Management.

Jeroen van der Weide

Partner DesignThinkers Academy Amsterdam

Jeroen is a Partner & Senior Facilitator at DT Academy. He is a driving force when it comes to facilitating teams, designing creative processes, and brainstorm sessions. He has an MA in Dutch Theatre, Film & Communications.

We can also offer you a tailor-made coaching program designed around your specific team objectives to guide you through the DT process.

, Please reach out to us for more information

COVID-19 Protocol

At DesignThinkers Academy, we take our social duty very seriously when it comes to protecting the health of our valued participants and dear team members. Therefore, please have a look at our new COVID regulations for our in-person training, in compliance with the COVID-19 safety measures of the Dutch government:

  • As of February 25, 2022, we can welcome you to our studio without a demonstration of a Digital COVID Certificate or QR code. However, we do highly encourage you to do a self-test before coming to the studio.
  • If you are diagnosed with COVID or have COVID-related symptoms, we kindly ask you to contact us so we can rebook your ticket.
  • During the training days, it is no longer mandatory to keep a 1,5-meter distance or wear face masks. However, you are free to continue these practices if they make you feel more comfortable during the in-person sessions.

Our goal is to create a safe and comfortable environment in which we can continuously stimulate creativity for both participants and facilitators. Should you have any questions about our protocol or your personal situation, please reach out to us via +31 0 20 471 00 70 or

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Tailor-made coaching around your challenge

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