Human-Centered HR Approach for an HR Consulting Firm (Randstad)

How can we stimulate a human-centered attitude within Randstad to optimize client relationships?

Randstad places clients back in the spotlight by opening The Kitchen. A creative space where employees can experiment with various ingredients to optimize the customer experience. In addition, cooperation with DesignThinkers led to a solid foundation for a tailor-made training program, including a toolkit, followed by a long-term strategy and coaching on the job.


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DesignThinkers Academy worked together with Randstad Group by providing intrinsic and process-related support. Ultimately, the collaboration led to helping Randstad Group launch The Kitchen. In addition, DTA prepared Randstad employees to act as facilitators via train-the-trainer sessions. More specifically, these sessions involved employees from various departments and teams, including IT, sales, marketing, front office, and support. Thus, the tactic is to make Human-Centered Facilitators, of the already active ‘Change Managers’ and Project Managers, within the Randstad Group.


How can we stimulate a human-centered attitude within Randstad to optimize client relationships? The Kitchen is a physical creative space. The main focus is on experimenting with the various ingredients in the customer experience. Moreover, the goal of

the kitchen is to stimulate a human-centered attitude. One which should enable Randstad employees to easily get in touch with their end-users. In short, the partnership with DTA led to the development of three elements that established a foundation for innovation.

"Why did we not apply Design Thinking earlier at ISO? A very powerful methodology. Great investment to accelerate career development."

Boris Maggia, ISO

"The DT Bootcamp was a real transformation. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to understand what DT is really about."

Pamela Caillens, Cartier International SNC


Our clients love working with us because our approach is not cookie cutter or dogmatic. For this reason, we invest in building a relationship with you. This allows us to gain a deeper  

understanding of your organization, stakeholders and the broader context of the challenge. As a result, we design a customized approach together.