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1-Day Design Thinking Effective Storytelling Course

The secret to persuasion, influence, and motivation is a formula deeply grounded in storytelling. This one-day exploration and activation into the craft of storytelling offers a deeper understanding of why story matters, what it means to ‘think in story’ and how to apply storytelling to influence an audience.

Is the message you communicate about your product, service or idea presented in a way that is memorable and impactful? Do you understand your audience so that you are able to connect to your customers or stakeholders needs and share their story? Are you willing to take bigger risks in the way you make creatives choices about your story delivery?

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A short and interactive introduction into Storytelling and its application in the business environment. What are the origins of storytelling and what is its scientific foundation. How storytelling can be used to manage conflicts, interpret the past and to shape the future.


Story is one of the primary mediums through which humans communicate and make sense of the world. In an increasingly automated world, the power of story offers the opportunity to communicate meaning and create emotional connections with your audience. Through story you begin to humanize your message and gain trust in your audience. Based on this understanding, by creating and telling stories, we begin to re-imagine and co-create the future.

During this course you will experince first hand techniques related to the following:

How design thinking, innovation and story converge to design customer-centered opportunities; The performance of storytelling; The science of story and the technical considerations for crafting a story, including story structure and the types of stories you might choose to tell;
Practical tools to support an innovative and collaborative mind-set, by drawing on a range of creative techniques and practices;
How to apply story to improve your presentations, speeches or sales pitches;
How to apply story to the way you speak about yourself and the brand you represent.


Learn why story matters, what it means to ‘think in story’ and how to apply it in practice in your own work context;
Experience story harvesting techniques, role play, improvisation and other creative techniques to tell stories that resonate;
Experience a collaborative dynamic with other professionals from diverse contexts;
The day is a blend of story conversations, experiences and activations.


Brand owners who are looking for fresh and innovative ways to communicate their messages

Design Thinking practitioners who want to use storytelling to research and design new prototypes

Customer Experience Designers, User Experience Designers and Service Designers who want to use storytelling to design new products, services and experiences

Anyone interested in the creative practice of personal and business transformation


Get to understand how to ‘think in story’ and why storytelling is fast becoming an essential skillset for anyone wanting to influence an audience in some way;
Our main objective is to provide you with hands-on tools that you can use immediately the next day in your working environment.

We can also offer you a tailor-made coaching program designed around your specific team objectives to guide you through the DT process.

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Tailor-made coaching around your challenge