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2-Day Customer Journey Mapping Masterclass (Certificate)

This masterclass integrates theory with practice. It is structured upon effective examples from different industries, real-world application, and collaborative peer learning.

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8 hours per day

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Who Should Attend

This masterclass is designed for teams and individuals who want to improve customer experience, develop new desirable products, or turn existing products into successful services. Anyone responsible for driving customer experience, growth, and innovation should attend.

Typical roles include:

• CX Leaders and Professionals
• Product Leads and Managers
• Entrepreneurs
• Customer Success Managers

• UX Designers
• Business Designers
• Innovation Professionals
• Growth Managers

What You’ll Learn

In this 2-day hands-on masterclass you will learn how to use effective customer journey maps to enable a great customer experience, increase NPS, and ensure service excellence.

Designing Journeys

• Front stage – backstage
• Power of storytelling
• Goals of a customer journey map
• Effective journey map examples

Journey Mapping Essentials

• Personas, emotions, and empathy
• Touch-points and channels
• Stakeholder and value network mapping
• Anatomy of a customer journey map

Hands on Experience

• Customer journey mapping case study
• Plotting a customer journey
• Co-creation & alignment
• Storytelling via visual narratives

Customer Experience

• More than metrics: NPS (Net Promoter Score), CtS (Cost to Serve), CES (Customer Effort Score) and beyond
• Data-aware customer journeys
• Uncovering customer insights
• From dialogs to engagement

Future State: As Is – To Be

• 10 ways to improve customer journeys
• Introduction to service blueprint
• Turning signals into actions
• Revealing opportunities


Manager partner of DT Academy USA

Yigit is the managing partner of DT Academy USA, blending “design thinking” with “business design” to encourage companies create desirable future solutions, scenarios, and experiences.


Senior Facilitator

Engin is an enthusiastic innovation and design consultant. Co-founder of Redesign Business, a boutique design agency. He has deep experience in Design Thinking, Service Design and Customer Experience.

Tim Schuurman

Co-Owner DesignThinkers Academy Amsterdam

Co-owner at DT Academy, has extensive experience in designing and implementing concepts, holding a MBA & MSc in Business and Financial Management.

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