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3-Month Certified Facilitator Design Thinking Program

(English spoken) In a Design Thinking process you will face many different issues as a facilitator. Who should you include for which part of a project, how does one deal with the most important stakeholders and what are your responsibilities according to the general objectives of your project?

We evaluated our combined experience of more than 15 years as Design Thinkers, along with the latest scientific insights and created this DTA Certified Facilitator Design Thinking Program. It’s a combination of an interactive training, together with individual coaching, as well as a buddy system and an official assessment.

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Tailor-made coaching around your challenge

This certified DT facilitator program is specially designed for those who want to become strong and dynamic leaders to guide a team through the full Design Thinking process.

For this reason, the trainers and coaches involved have a minimum of five years of experience in the field of applying Design Thinking various industries. The assessment will be conducted by international, well-known professionals within our DTA Network.

This video gives you a glimpse on our Facilitation Trainings with global companies:


A Design Thinking process is full of surprises. It’s a business adventure with its own dynamics. As a facilitator you have to be open for all kinds of aspects; strategic, human and organizational i.e.

We selected the six most important competencies you will need to make sure you are well prepared to guide a team through all stages of the process.


Foster a creative and multi-disciplinary team culture;
Administer the DT process;
Develop end-user centric mindset;
Collaborate with stakeholders;
Create and implement a pilot structure;
Focus on value propositions.


All six main competencies to become a professional facilitator in Design Thinking will be introduced throughout a 3-day course. In small groups, participants will be confronted with these various stages and will also take the responsibility of guiding your team in order to make progress. Every delegate will have the opportunity to take the lead at least once. And everyone will receive personal feedback regarding their performance. This learning by doing method is an important aspect of this course.

Prior to this 3-day immersive program you will receive homework as preparation. The Double Diamond and the theory are all familiar to you. All the major tools of the process are also crystal clear to you, i.e.:

Persona, Customer Journey Map, framing a Problem Statement, Ideation, Prototyping and Service Scenario.

One of the key elements in the preparation is to ensure that you will be able to apply all learnings in a project following after completion of the course. This project is the core of your certification program and it should include a minimum of 16 hours of facilitation. You will reflect on all steps taken, strategies created and results. Without a project you can’t attend this course.

After the 3-day program you will have 3 months to finish your project, including additional assignments. You will have a buddy to support each other and a personal coach.


We provide you with many opportunities to try, learn and improve. You will feel fully confident by the end this program and proud to call yourself a professional facilitator in Design Thinking. You will become part of the DTA Network.

We can also offer you a tailor-made coaching program designed around your specific team objectives to guide you through the DT process.

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Tailor-made coaching around your challenge