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6-Week Online Self-Empathy Course

Empathy is the cornerstone of Design Thinking (DT). But before you can understand the people at the center of your projects, you first need to understand yourself. This unique and interactive course will help you build self-empathy and learn how to understand others as you understand yourself. 

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About this course

The 6-Week Self-empathy Course is a little different from other programs here at DTA: It is not about Design Thinking! Instead, through this course, we invite you on a self-development journey that will empower you to grow personally, as you recognize your inner critic and appreciate your strengths and build your own emotional awareness. We call this “becoming your own best friend forever”. 

Please note that this is an external course. We will also invite participants from outside of the Design Thinking community, so get ready to rub shoulders with an even more diverse group of people!

Learn more about this course here. Note: Please sign up via our website for the Early Bird discount.

What you'll learn

“Please put on your own oxygen mask first before helping others” – a phrase we’re all too familiar with. This course encourages you to do just that: focus on yourself first. In this highly interactive training, a maximum of 12 people will deep dive into their authentic selves. Through the 6 weeks, you will learn how to improve your emotional intelligence and self-awareness, identify and manage the inner critics that are holding you back, and stand in your power.

Week 1

Creating a safe space
Setting personal intentions
Introduction to the self-empathy framework

Week 2

Connecting with yourself and your inner critic
Identifying hampering beliefs you have about yourself
Learning to manage negative self-perception

Week 3

Connecting with yourself and your emotions
Developing your emotional literacy and agility

Week 4

Connecting with your inner best friend with self-compassion
Experiencing how to channel the positive energy you have for others to yourself.
Standing in your power - this is me!

Week 5

Connecting with your inner leader
Identifying and embracing your superpowers

Week 6

Becoming your own best friend
Creating a personal manifesto
Learning to be audaciously yourself

Participant profile

The course is designed for:


...looking to understand empathy on a deeper level


...who are in their self-development journey and are looking to grow personally


...looking to learn how to understand others as they understand themselves

Meet your coach

Our expert Facilitator will guide your on your self-empathy development journey. She will empower you become your own best friend, to connect with your authentic self, uncover your inner critics, appreciate your strengths and build your own emotional awareness. Through this, you can gain a more complete understanding of yourself, in order to understand the people around you.

Marjolein van der Kruk

Marjolein is ‘the heart’ of the yearly Design Thinking Conference, connecting the hearts of the audience to those of the speakers on stage. She combines her expertise and experience as a life coach, the science of positive psychology, emotional intelligence, and self-love.

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Upon registration, you accept that your information will be shared with our external facilitator, Marjolein van der Kruk, for payment purposes.

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