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Helping Salesforce reach better
business results through Co-creation.
Understand your clients better
using the Design-thinking mindset.
"Thank you for the DT & C360 Methodology but also the gorgeous venue that is unique to Amsterdam. It sure felt like our Salesforce Ohana renaissance! Talk about aligning everything to perfection."

Hoa Tran, Sales Enablement lead, Salesforce

Salesforce | 0,5-Day Client Co-Creation Session

Salesforce | Design Thinking Facilitation Training Course (Certificate)

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"Much recommended! Thank you for organizing this great course."

Linda Tenho, Solution Engineer, Salesforce



We have a global and diverse network of expert facilitators, located in all continents of the world.

Global Reach


We have had the pleasure to train a wide range of practitioners, creators, navigators, leaders, change makers & innovators.

Client Base


We help a diverse portfolio of clients on transformative projects with long-term & sustainable scopes.

Alumni Satisfaction


We ensure a consistently high satisfaction rate from our course attendees with our learning-by-doing approach.

Jeroen van der Weide
Partner & Senior Facilitator


Ilana van de Boel
Associate Partner Client Strategy


Elmo Diederiks
Partner & Senior Facilitator


Tim Schuurman
Co-Owner & Senior Facilitator


Daphne Lamberts
Service Development Lead


Adela Cristea
Co-Founder & Senior Facilitator


Raluca Siska
Content Marketer & Copywriter


Pedro Janeiro
Partner & Senior Facilitator


Lacra Loghin
Co-Founder & Senior Facilitator


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