In-House Design Thinking Services

Tailor-made coaching designed around your specific team objectives

South Africa

Would you like your team to become more creative and productive? We offer tailor-made coaching programs designed around your companies challenges and specific team objectives which guide you through the Design Thinking process


Innovation is not just about delivering new products and services. It is also about more intangible things, like business processes or company culture change. We feel that managers and teams educated in Design Thinking reflect more on their processes and find better ways to get the job done.

We have a long track record in designing customised courses for any type of organisation. We can adjust all of our courses to your specific objectives and team size, train your employees in Design Thinking and help you build an innovation culture across your business.

We think and work global; we deliver high-energy courses worldwide and within diverse cultural contexts; from Brussels to New York, from Dubai to Amsterdam. Over 1700 people worldwide have joined our courses already.

We have run in-house Design Thinking sessions and Service Design projects for clients such diverse as Coca-Cola, Cartier, Philips, P&G, MasterCard, Accenture, Deutsche Bank, SAP, Bacardi, ING, PwC, Gucci, Volkswagen, Bosch, Samsung, GE Healthcare, Nike, L’Oréal and many more.


We are often called in when companies want to kick start creativity in their teams. In workshops, Bootcamps and other types of interactive sessions we learn teams the methodologies to reframe, to ask better questions and collaborate in a more productive and creative way. Rather than devising specific strategies for companies and teams, we educate you to devise those strategies for yourselves.

We typically like to create multidisciplinary groups of people and stimulate them to create transformations within the organisation. We focus on stimulating values like empathy, collaboration, experimentation, exploring ambiguity, reflection, a commitment to building on each other’s ideas and the idea of prototyping.


Click the images below to find a sample of in-house training programmes we have developed for various clients.



Interested in learning more about in-house training or coaching possibilities? Please don’t hesitate to contact us when you have any questions about tailor-made programs.

Our main objective is to provide you with hands-on tools that you can use immediately the next day in your working environment.

Besides the training program you will be handed out a toolkit, certificate and access to the DT Academy Network virtual environment.

The end result is aimed at a transformation of the participants, knowledge of tools and methods, a deep understanding of the value of design, and professional & personal growth.