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1-Day Design Thinking & AI Mastery Workshop (Certificate)

Are you wondering how Design Thinking and AI mix and want to raise your level in both? In this one-day DT & AI Mastery workshop, we will make you a DT prompt master and show you which AI tools to use where in the double diamond. Enhancing you today and tomorrow.

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1 day, 8 hours

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About this course

This one-day workshop is designed for professionals familiar with Design Thinking, aiming to enhance their skills by integrating proven AI tools. You will explore AI’s role in various Design Thinking stages, from research to prototyping, using tools like ChatGPT, Komo AI, and Dall-E 2. On top of this, you will be taught advanced level Design Thinking Principles which will in turn help you tackle more complex problems.

The course focuses on practical applications, emphasizing AI’s potential to innovate and streamline the creative process.

What you'll learn

The program of the day:

  • Introduction to AI in Design Thinking: Overview of how AI tools can enhance the Design Thinking process.
  • Briefing and Research with AI: Utilizing AI for in-depth investigation and analysis.
  • Persona Creation using AI: Crafting engaging and realistic personas with the help of AI.
  • Problem Statement and Ideation: Applying AI for generating and refining creative ideas
  • Prototyping with AI: Visualizing prototypes using advanced AI tools like Dall-E 3.
  • Testing and Delivery: Employing AI for testing prototypes and finalizing design projects.
  • Building custom GPT Models: Learning how to easily build repeatable customer GPTss tailored for specific design needs

Participant profile

This course is designed for:


…eager to incorporate AI into their creative workflow, enhancing innovation and efficiency in the design thinking process

Tech-Savvy Marketers...

…focused on leveraging AI for transformative storytelling and advanced customer engagement strategies

Design Thinking Professionals...

…interested in deepening their understanding of AI integration to elevate their existing design thinking skills and methodologies


...trying to improve their business by using the newest technologies


After successful completion of the course, participants are awarded a DesignThinkers Academy Certificate and you can celebrate your achievement. All tools and materials will be available after the course for personal use.


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