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“The training course with top professionals from the Design Thinking field and the hands-on approach inspired my work as a human-centered design consultant. A wonderful experience.”

Alexander Faga, Swisscom

2-Day Design Thinking Facilitation Course

2-Day Employee Experience Design Course

3-Day DesignThinkers Bootcamp

2-Day Design Thinking Productivity Course

2-Day Design Thinking Master Class

3-Week Online Design Thinking Facilitation Course (Certificate)

3-Week Online Future Leadership Skills Training (Certificate)

3-Week Online Design Thinking Fundamentals Training Course (Certificate)

3-Week Online Design Thinking Facilitation Training Course (Certificate)

5-Week Online Design Thinking meets Lean Start-up & Agile Course (Certificate)

3-Week Online Employee Experience Design Training Course (Certificate)

5-Day Online DesignThinkers Global Bootcamp Training (Certificate)

Online Half-Day Adaptive Design Thinking Workshop (Certificate)

Think like a Startup Canvas & Game Training Course (Certificate)

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"The DT Bootcamp was a real transformation. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to understand what DT is really about."

Pamela Caillens, Cartier International SNC



We have a global and diverse network of expert facilitators, located in all continents of the world.

Global Reach


We have had the pleasure to train a wide range of practitioners, creators, navigators, leaders, change makers & innovators.

Client Base


We help a diverse portfolio of clients on transformative projects with long-term & sustainable scopes.

Alumni Satisfaction


We ensure a consistently high satisfaction rate from our course attendees with our learning-by-doing approach.

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