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2-Modules Online Customer Journey Mapping (Certificate)

Gain a deeper understanding of how this qualitative Design Research Customer Journey Mapping tool can improve your customers’ experience in a live online classroom setting. The Customer Journey Mapping Course is also available in our Amsterdam Studio, where we can safely welcome a limited amount of participants for some hands-on, ‘learning-by-doing’ fun. Click here to learn more.

This Customer Journey Mapping Course will equip you with a basic understanding of one of the most important tools in Design Thinking; the Customer Journey Mapping Tool.

You will be working virtually in classroom sessions, followed by group work under live guidance of our skilled Facilitators. We strongly believe in ‘learning-by-doing’ and providing you with hands-on tools. After this interactive online course, you will be able to apply Customer Journey Mapping right away in your daily work.

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2.5 hours per session

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Same fun & interactive classroom experience, now live & online

DesignThinkers Academy Amsterdam


Online, interactive introduction into Design Thinking;
Understand the benefits of using Customer Journey Mapping in defining opportunities for your customers;
Live and personal guidance from our skilled Facilitators;
Gain insights into human-centered ways of working;
Learn how to effectively implement Design Thinking tools such as Personas & Customer Journey Mapping in your daily work.


During this course, you will meet with your fellow participants and Facilitators in two 2.5-hour online classroom sessions. A major part of this online course consists of hands-on work on a general challenge using key tools in Design Thinking. You will 

work in co-creation in small teams to learn from each other and incorporate the knowledge and skills of participants from diverse backgrounds and industries. Our expert Facilitators will teach you how to use empathy while working for your end-users.


This Customer Journey Mapping Course is all about the customers’ perspective; stepping into their shoes, discovering their perceptions and the larger context they live in. We will show you how Customer Journey Mapping helps you to get a deeper insight into customer needs, behavior, experience, motivation and desired outcomes.

With a combination of 2 live classroom sessions and group assignments, you will gain practical knowledge and experience on how to apply Customer Journey Mapping in your daily work. The course consists of 2 modules of 2.5 hours.

Module 1:
Starting off with onboarding to the platforms we are using, then jumping right into the introduction and the theory of Customer Journey Mapping. Creating Personas based on prepared Design Research. Focusing on Customer Stages and Actions.

Module 2:
Diving deeper into the Customer Journey Mapping tool. Defining the Emotional Status and Touchpoints. Working towards pinpointing Opportunity Areas to Reframe the initial challenge of the customer.

After completing the Customer Journey Mapping Course and assignments we hand out a personal certificate. All tools and materials will be available after the course for personal use.


Teams from different industries who want to work more human-centered;
Individuals working in the fields of HR, IT, Marketing, etc. who are looking for a new tool to structure qualitative research;
Professionals who want to incorporate the Design Thinking mindset in their way of working.


After successful completion of the 2-Modules Online Customer Journey Mapping Course, participants are awarded a DesignThinkers Academy Certificate and you can celebrate your achievement of becoming a true Design Thinker. All tools and materials will be available after the course for personal use.


We can also offer you a tailor-made coaching program designed around your specific team objectives to guide you through the DT process.

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Tailor-made coaching around your challenge

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