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2-week Strategic Storytelling Course Online

The Strategic Story-telling course is a highly interactive, online course is designed to remove the mystery surrounding storytelling practices and introduce participants to the fundamentals of applied narrative. By using practical examples and insights into the storytelling crafting process, this experiential course will equip you with an understanding of how to think and even act ‘in story’. 

Is the message you communicate presented in a way that is memorable and impactful? Do you understand your audience so that you are able to connect to your customers or stakeholders needs? Are you willing to take bigger risks and make creatives choices when delivering your message? In this course you will learn to:

  • Apply story techniques to structure a compelling and meaningful message
  • Apply story to improve your methods and style of communication
  • Apply story to reimagine and co-create the future and action


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Strategic Storytelling Course components

This 2-week Strategic Storytelling Course consists of 4 modules focusing on all aspects of storytelling relevant to furthering your understanding of the value of storytelling. You will be equipped with the practical tools required to apply this knowledge. 

Each week consists of interactive online classroom sessions and tips to start applying and implementing what you’ve learned. A follow-up call will provide you with the opportunity to reflect on the course and ask final questions to your Facilitator. This way, you will be able to immediately put the newly acquired skills into practice.  

Strategic Storytelling provides exposure to storytelling techniques that will serve participants in various situations.

We will cover the following and more:

  • Story Structure
  • Story types
  • Formats to consider
  • Understanding audiences
  • Story prototyping
  • Presenting using your strengths
  • The narrative
  • How to motivate action in others

What you'll learn

Our expert facilitators will teach you the various aspects of storytelling including the compelling scientific rationale behind storytelling, the economic benefit of storytelling, structure and frameworks, components of a good story and choices for effective delivery.

Make an impactful message

Attention is a scarce resource in today’s modern context and storytelling is an effective way to make one’s message impactful and memorable.

Powerful tool for empathy

As a powerful tool for empathy, story facilitates emotional connection between people and appeals to our humanity.

Improve collaborative dynamics

Through storytelling we improve collaborative dynamics and shape organizational culture. Used strategically, stories hold the power to engage people and inspire action

Imagination & Storytelling

Through imagination and storytelling, we can all become co-creators of the future as well as of a new and compelling narrative that supports our goals, desires and dreams.

Meet your instructors

You will be guided through the Online Course by our highly experienced Facilitators. They have years of experience in working with Design Thinking and know the tips & tricks to guide you on this online learning journey how to implement it within your working environment.

Robert Bloom

Founder & Managing Partner DTA South Africa

Robert is the founder and managing partner of DT Academy South Africa, blending design thinking and systems thinking to help people co-create preferred futures.

Tiaan Ras


Tiaan is an experienced facilitator and an avid collector and teller of stories. He uses design thinking to position brands and create authentic brand narratives.


After successful completion of the 2-week Online Strategic Storytelling course, participants are awarded a DesignThinkers Academy Certificate and you can celebrate your achievement of becoming a DesignThinker with Storytelling specialisation. All tools and materials will be available after the course for personal use.


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