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Advanced Design Thinking Facilitation Training Part-time

This interactive Advanced Design Thinking Facilitation training will equip you with the skills to confidently design and develop Design Thinking sessions tailored to project challenges. It will cover preparing for, running and producing appropriate outcomes from the beginning to the end of a  Design Thinking Agile Development process.

In live, online classroom sessions, you will practice how to create an environment where participants are engaged and collaborating towards co-creating value-based outcomes using Design Thinking, Lean and Agile principles and mindsets.



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R 15 650


4 weeks / 8 sessions



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R16 950


3 hour per session

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What will you learn

To advance your online facilitation skills in designing and facilitating Design Thinking workshops we will focus on the following essential areas for expert Design Thinking Facilitation:

  • Planning and Kick-off: Improve your ability to kick-off and lead remote and multi-disciplinary collaboration geared towards customer-centred outcomes;
  • Workshop and project flow: Develop your approach to planning for and setting up online sessions, keeping the flow from problem-solution fit to product-market fit;
  • Handling Complexity: Learn how to deal with project complexity, including different personality and learning types as well as surfacing organisational culture and challenges;
  • Principles and Mindsets: Practice setting up sessions related to the DT principles and mindsets (across divergent and convergent thinking activities) to enable project growth
  • Engaging Creative teams: Learn how to use templates or design your own while ensuring the transfer of shared meaning between workshop participants

This training will advance your ability to engage participants with techniques that surface insights and catalyze novel ideas.



We strongly believe in ‘Learning by Doing’ so it goes without saying that the course will be a high-energy, interactive and hands-on event where you will put your new skills directly into practice.

Session 0: On boarding
1 week before the first module we invite you to join us in the online environment to meet your facilitators and fellow participants. We find it very important that you feel comfortable, secure and motivated to work together for the upcoming weeks in this online learning environment.

Modules 1 & 2:
2 x 3 hour Online Classroom sessions, 2 times a week

Modules 3 & 4:
2 x 3 hour Online Classroom sessions, 2 times a week

Modules 5 & 6:
2 x 3 hour Online Classroom sessions, 2 times a week

Module 7: 

Certificate & Toolkit
After completing the 6-Week program and assignments you can celebrate your achievement of becoming a skilled facilitator! You will receive your personal Design Thinkers certificate and access to the online Toolkit that you can use freely.

Optional Advanced Facilitation Certification of Competence programme

We invite you to join the Advanced Facilitation Certification of Competence programme. This will help embed the 3-week online facilitation capabilities  and provide a platform for your growth as a Design Thinking facilitator. You will receive a globally recognized Certification of Competence that will stand you in good stead for advancing your career.

What is it?

In parallel to and beyond the course, you will be encouraged to identify and run a Design Thinking project. Should you wish to be certified you will need to submit work completed according to templates provided within 8 weeks.

A formal evaluation by Design Thinking experts from the global DesignThinkers Academy network will be conducted over an 8-week learning period.

What does it involve?

Submitting a Portfolio of Work Done (PoWD), which includes a minimum of 16 hours of fieldwork done over 8-weeks post the completion of your Design Thinking Facilitation Training.

Engaging in a 30 mins assessment oral (online), in which you discuss your submission and answer questions about your Design Thinking Facilitation project experience and lessons learned.

Meet your instructors

Robert Bloom

Director and Managing Partner DTA South Africa

Robert is the founder and managing partner of DT Academy South Africa, blending design thinking and systems thinking to help people co-create preferred futures.

Jeroen van der Weide

Partner DesignThinkers Academy Amsterdam

Jeroen is Partner & Senior Facilitator, facilitating teams and designing creative processes and brainstorm sessions. HE has a MA in Dutch Theatre, Film & Communications

Pedro Janeiro

Partner & Senior Facilitator DesignThinkers Academy Portugal

Head of Global Accounts for DesignThinkers and proud to have delivered trainings for corporations such as Coca-Cola, Nespresso, IBM, Sap & many more.

For the optional Certification of Competence there are 3 strands to complete:

Strand 1Reflection on Key Learning during the Design Thinking Facilitation Training you attended. Counts 15% weighting

The purpose of this strand is to demonstrate your capability to create learnings that are relevant to you and your context from your experiences during your Design Thinking Facilitation Training. David Boud – “Adults do not learn from experience. They learn by reflecting on experience.”

Strand 2: Your Competency DevelopmentPrinciples, Concepts, and Practices from Design Thinking and Design Thinking Facilitation that you will focus on. Counts 15% weighting.

The purpose of this strand is to demonstrate your capability to expand your Design Thinking Facilitation knowledge and skills through independent study.

Strand 3 – Fieldworkin which you facilitate Design Thinking in a context of your choice. Counts 70% weighting (includes the oral)

The purpose of this strand is to integrate principles, concepts and practices with your learnings from your training, in order to design, implement and report on your facilitation of a piece of Design Thinking in a context of your choice.


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Tailor-made coaching around your challenge