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Design Thinking Facilitation Training

The Design Thinking Facilitation Training with Certification helps participants enhance their facilitation and design thinking capabilities. Participants will increase their confidence in running programs for multi-disciplinary teams during this practical high energy workshop. This inspirational learning experience opens new career paths and opportunities to do work that matters.

The objective of the 3-day Design Thinking Facilitation Training is to understand the facilitation skills required to successfully plan for and manage Design Thinking sessions through a combination of facilitation experiences and coaching.

This course is perfect for changemakers, disruptors, mavericks and leaders who want to take on the additional responsibility of developing people, guiding a process and supporting teams towards novel outcomes and preferred future situations.

Why do this course

Do you aspire to be an agent for change, do you want to catalyze and shift people into a fresh understanding of what is needed to innovate?

As a Design Thinking facilitator, you will use the tools and techniques to activate teams to be more customer centric, to collaborate across silos, to develop new products, services and co-create disruptive business models.

With this program under your belt, you will be able to better plan for and facilitate teams through complexity towards clarity. You will be better equipped to manage team dynamics, to deal with disruptions and to handle the various transitions as teams shift from research mode and into solution mode.

We will simulate real-world workshop experiences. This will give you the opportunity to learn and practice in a safe environment how to facilitate and adapt when things don’t necesarily go according to plan. This powerful learning experience will enable you beyond the workshop to grow and adopt the appropriate attitude necessary to guide teams through the process.

Certification of Competence

The program includes a certification of competence (post the course) enabling participants to embed and practice what they learnt.

*Certification program cost is waivered for 1) participants who have completed a DT Fundamentals training with DTA 2) individual participants 3) small companies. 

*PAYMENT PLANS ARE AVAILABLE – contact for more info

Early Bird Price

R18 899 + R 4595 ex vat for certification program


3 days + self-paced Certification Program



Standard Price

R 19 995 + R4595 ex vat for certification program


8 hours a day for 3 days & self-paced certification to be completed in 8 weeks

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3-Day Design Thinking Facilitation Training with Certification

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Tailor-made coaching around your challenge


Facilitation is an essential element for running successful Design Thinking workshop sessions. Creating a space and an environment in which people feel confident and creative is the key responsibility of the facilitator. Throughout the course you will be challenged to work in small teams to practice all aspects of facilitating workshops.

You will practice the art of guiding, conducting and catalysing people to reach new insights and identify novel outcomes. In this 3-Day high-energy course with experienced facilitators, you will obtain first-hand experience in the methods that work to keep teams energised, to stimulate flow and generate future possibilities.

The focus will be on designing sessions to facilitate through divergent and convergent phases that enable the discovery of new opportunities and the development of new concepts that create value. You will directly facilitate Design Thinking principles and mindsets using diverse techniques in a safe environment (putting yourself on the edge of your comfort zone).

What you'll learn

During the two days, you will practice various aspects of facilitating Design Thinking sessions by working on a challenge. With a strong focus on your personal facilitation style, group dynamics, energizers and mind-setters (warm-ups), you will learn how to run high-energy and effective workshops across diverse groups.

Welcome & Self Assessment

- Introduction and course orientation
- The essence and purpose of Design Thinking (when to use DT)
- Facilitation principles and planning
- Setting up the program - opportunity selection

Facilitating Opportunities

The facilitation of participative processes across divergent and convergent thinking during the program include:

First Diamond or Problem Exploration:
- Divergence in the Discovery mode : Project kick-off, Research, Sensemaking
- Convergence in the Discovery mode: Insights and Opportunity Gathering, Reframing

Second Diamond or Solution Emergence
- Solution Divergence: Ideation and Idea Selection
- Solution Convergence: Prototyping, Testing and Pitching

Mindsetters & Energy Facilitation

Facilitating across ambiguity, working towards desirable, feasible, and impactful concepts:
- Workshop Planning and Key transitions
- Team set-up and team dynamics
- Energy Management
- Project vision statement

Personal Action Plan and Certification

- Early and frequent feedback
- Develop Action Plans
- Personal Coaching and guidance on your certification program

Coaching Session

Follow-up call with facilitators to discuss any challenges you experience regarding your on-the-job Facilitation Opportunity to develop your proof of work completed for certification

Participant profile

This course is designed for:

Executives . . .

...with solid experience in creative problem-solving methodologies and the use of tools and methods to converge and diverge towards new concepts

Teamleads . . .

...seeking to guide their teams in using Design Thinking and concept development in their daily work

Professionals (individuals)...

...coaches, consultants and change agents aspiring to guide Design Thinking sessions with confidence

Facilitators & Moderators from different fields & sectors...

...looking for advice and guidance on how to integrate Design Thinking into facilitating projects & processes including Agile and Lean practitioners

NOTE: We expect participants to know the flow of Design Thinking as we won’t emphasize the tools but the facilitation opportunities.


This will help embed DT facilitation capabilities and provide a platform for your growth as a Design Thinking facilitator. You will apply your learning on a relevant project and provide a portfolio of work performed to be evaluated by our global evaluation panel. On successful completion you will receive a globally recognized Certification of Competence that will stand you in good stead for advancing your career.

What is it?
In parallel to and beyond the course, you will be encouraged to identify and run a Design Thinking project. Should you wish to be certified you will need to submit work completed according to templates provided within 8 weeks.

A formal evaluation by Design Thinking experts from the global DesignThinkers Academy network will be conducted over an 8-week learning period.

What does it involve?
Submitting a Portfolio of Work Done (PoWD), which includes a minimum of 16 hours of fieldwork done over 8-weeks post the completion of your Design Thinking Facilitation Training.

Engaging in a 30 mins assessment oral (online), in which you discuss your submission and answer questions about your Design Thinking Facilitation project experience and lessons learned.

Meet your instructors

Robert Bloom

Director and Managing Partner DTA South Africa

Robert is the founder and managing partner of DT Academy South Africa, blending design thinking and systems thinking to help people co-create preferred futures.

Adela Cristea

Co-Founder DesignThinkers Academy Eastern Europe

Co-Founder and Facilitator at DT Academy Eastern Europe. She is an experienced business consultant teaching entrepreneurship and leadership within corporate environments.

"The process was needed and the support from DesignThinkers was outstanding. I highly recommend the DesignThinkers Facilitation course paired with certification of competence"

Bronwyn Kennedy, Group Shared Services Innovation Manager, Standard Bank


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Cape Town

3-Day Design Thinking Facilitation Training with Certification

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Tailor-made coaching around your challenge