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Important update regarding current events until April 2020


We have recently introduced our 5-Week Online Design Thinking Fundamentals Course. Click here for more detailed information. In case you’re interested in other online courses, please feel free to reach out to us via e-mail.

All courses at DesignThinkers Academy Amsterdam have been cancelled until April 30th. Please note that if you have already signed up for a course during this time, you will be receiving a personal e-mail with further information. At DTA Amsterdam we take our social duty very serious when it comes to protecting the health of our valued participants and team members. Thank you for your support and understanding during these unpredictable times.

In case of any additional questions, send us an e-mail, we are more than happy to assist you and we look forward to welcoming you at our studio.

Please reach out to your local DesignThinkers Academy or visit their Hub page for more information regarding our international courses.


Design Thinking is the glue between all disciplines

The Founders of DesignThinkersGroup initiated DesignThinkers Academy to lead design driven innovation agencies. In other words, DTA changes organizations around the world. In effect, product oriented and sales driven becomes service oriented and human centered. 25 countries around the world represent DesignThinkers Academy. As a result, we train, develop and facilitate multidisciplinary teams and communities of change all around the world.

Global Reach

We train, develop and facilitate creative multidisciplinary teams and communities to drive positive change all over the world. As a result, we are a Global Agency, represented in 25 countries.


DesignThinkers Academy provides time and space for teams and individuals to be inspired and challenged. To learn by doing and finally, to strengthen their ability for creative problem solving. The ever changing world around us pressures people and teams in organizations to be more flexible, entrepreneurial and customer centered. While these organizations are pushed to differentiate themselves, DesignThinkers Academy makes it their mission to reach out to these people and help them. In order to maintain and develop these capabilities the environment demands.

DesignThinkers Academy aims to inspire people and teams by organizing thought-provoking events to help organizations build the necessary capabilities. Therefore, we organize events, lectures, trainings and personal coaching programs to reach those goals. These events offer the knowledge and teach you the mindset of Design Thinking. In other words, we aim to create an open network to facilitate and inspire a rich conversation between creative thinkers and doers. We strive for a learning community that has a positive impact on people’s lives, careers and our ever-changing world.