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3-Day #TiSDD Facilitation Deep Dive Training Course (Certificate)

Design work is not like other work. Design is inherently unpredictable and asks participants to do things which they often prefer to avoid – talking to users, making mistakes, iterating. It combines “creativity” with hard business requirements in an often confusing way. In this course, two highly experienced facilitators – both part of the #TiSDD author team – give you the structures, mindsets, and tools to assist your colleagues or clients through design activities, resulting in successful outcomes for both organisations and people.

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English (help available in Dutch, German, & French)

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About this course

Part of the prestigious This is Service Design Doing (#TiSDD) brand, this three-day course dives into facilitation concepts and practices, with a goal of understanding how adults work and discover, as well as better comprehending our own behaviour and preferences as a facilitator, and the special needs of participants and teams in design or innovation contexts. Through a series of highly interactive activities, participants will imagine and test facilitation techniques and methods. They will develop their understanding of the three main concepts of successful facilitation: Structure, Presence, and Flow. During exercises, participants will also have the opportunity to practice and get feedback from both faculty and their peers. At the end, they will be fully equipped for leading their own formats within service design projects and elsewhere.

What you'll learn


10:00 to 17:30 (doors open and coffee is served from 09:30, please be ready to start at 10:00)
- introduction and basics
- more powerful questions
- three ways of listening
- first pillar: personal preferences and structure
- needs outside the room – the sponsor and other stakeholders


09:00 to 17:30 (doors open and coffee is served from 08:30)
- second pillar: presence and relative status
- creating impact
- using the room, templates and props
- third pillar: freedom within structure, or flow
- facilitation in practice: the meeting from Hell


09:00 to 16:30 (doors open and coffee is served from 08:30)
- safe space and engagement
- coaching on personal challenges
- reflection and next steps
- soft close (after the course finishes at 16:30, you are welcome to stay and reflect until your transport leaves)

Participant profile

The Facilitation Deep Dive is suitable for anyone leading co-creative activities, such as service design or design thinking work, sprints, research, ideation or prototyping workshops, hacks and jams; or guiding learning events like (design) training. It will also revolutionise your meetings! Beginners will find a robust and flexible foundation to develop their voice as a facilitator; experts will discover new links and models which will deepen their practice.

Meet your coaches

Adam StJohn Lawrence

Service Design & Customer Experience Expert

Adam is co-initiator of the world’s largest service design event, the ‘Global Service Jam’, and co-author of ’This is Service Design Doing’. A renowned facilitation specialist, he is also a professional comedian and actor, and Adjunct Professor at the top IE Business School in Madrid.

Renatus Hoogenraad

Service Design Expert

Renatus Hoogenraad, specialist for human aspects of change, expert contributor to This is Service Design Doing. Renatus draws on his experience in service design, coaching and performance arts to guide international clients through innovation projects and cultural change.

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