About us

The DesignThinkers Academy New Zealand is part of the global leading DesignThinkers Academy network.

We teach people and organisations key Design Thinking skills and provide the tools to solve complex challenges and make positive change happen. We do this through:

  • Open registration workshops
  • Facilitated online learning
  • Bespoke in-house training

Our training is developed by our global offices in Amsterdam and delivered in New Zealand by expert local Design Thinking facilitator coaches.


Darryl McClay

Darryl McClay is the Managing Partner of DesignThinkers Academy New Zealand having established the Australasian business at the start of 2018. Prior to this Darryl’s background includes 23 years of experience working in the Creative Services sector where he helped leading global brands connect with their customers, with his own creative agency, Raydar.

Darryl is a highly experienced and energetic facilitator who has run workshops across New Zealand as well as in Europe. In addition to the DTA training he also works directly with organisations to help them identify the problems worth solving and to create positive change and better outcomes using proven Design Thinking principles, processes and tools.

DesignThinkers Academy ANZ  also work with and offer a network of highly experienced Design Thinking Facilitators and Practitioners right across New Zealand & Australia.


New online courses available now

We are happy to announce the introduction of a new range of facilitator led online courses. Click here for more information or please contact us directly on this e-mail. For more information and to inquire about the on-line ‘Employee Experience Design’ and ‘Design Thinking Facilitation’ courses currently in production.

Design Thinking is the glue between all disciplines

DesignThinkers Academy is one of the leading ‘design driven’ Innovation Agencies facilitating organizations around the world making the transition from being strictly product orientated and sales driven, towards being service orientated and human centered. We are a Global Agency, represented in 25 countries and train, develop and facilitate creative multidisciplinary teams and communities to drive positive change.

Service Design Thinking enables you to develop and deliver innovative ideas, change and solutions to complicated problems. It is an activity-based process with a strong emphasis on teamwork and co-creation.

Our mission is to provide space and time for teams and individuals to be inspired and challenged, to ‘learn-by-doing’ and strengthen their ability for creative problem solving and help organizations build the necessary environment and mind-set.

Global Reach

Our Narrative

DesignThinkers Academy provides time and space for teams and individuals to be inspired and challenged. To learn by doing and finally, to strengthen their ability for creative problem solving. The ever changing world around us pressures people and teams in organizations to be more flexible, entrepreneurial and customer centered. While these organizations are pushed to differentiate themselves, DesignThinkers Academy makes it their mission to reach out to these people and help them. In order to maintain and develop these capabilities the environment demands.

DesignThinkers Academy aims to inspire people and teams by organizing thought-provoking events to help organizations build the necessary capabilities. Therefore, we organize events, lectures, trainings and personal coaching programs to reach those goals. These events offer the knowledge and teach you the mindset of Design Thinking. In other words, we aim to create an open network to facilitate and inspire a rich conversation between creative thinkers and doers. We strive for a learning community that has a positive impact on people’s lives, careers and our ever-changing world.

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