Customized Design Thinking services

Customized Design Thinking services

Is becoming more creative and productive a primary goal for you and your team? We offer tailor-made programs to help your organization build the necessary skills and mindset to kick-start bold innovation.

Our DT, Agile and Innovation experts deliver high-energy (online) programs from Brussels to New York, from Dubai to Nigeria and Amsterdam for diverse clients such as SAP, Coca-Cola, Cartier, Philips, P&G, MasterCard, Bacardi, ING, PwC, Gucci, Samsung, GE Healthcare, Nike, L’Oréal and many more.

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We offer tailor-made programs designed for your companies’ challenges and objectives. Our incompany programs are hands-on and highly interactive, with live facilitation by our DT experts. We focus on developing a common language and innovation skills. Teams learn-by-doing in guided design sprints and coaching tracks, creating direct results while building a new approach for innovation.

Our DT, Agile and Innovation experts have extensive experience in implementing Design Thinking and innovation within corporates, governments and NGO’s and facilitating training sessions, Design Sprints and coaching tracks for diverse teams. We are represented in over 25 countries and know the local culture and approach to implement innovation within (large) organizations.


To kick-start innovation in a corporate environment, we use design sprints, training programs and a mix of methodologies (Design Thinking, Lean, Agile) to build skills, methods and tools. Rather than devising specific innovation strategies, we assist teams to deliver upon their strategy. We help establish the Innovation Framework that enables teams to continuously deliver innovative services for their clients.

Our goal is to step out of the facilitating role as soon as possible, empowering your team to take the lead. We typically create multidisciplinary teams of professionals and stimulate them to create transformations within the organisation. As a result, we focus on building an innovation framework, practical toolkit, train-the-trainer programs or inspiration sessions that enable ambassadors to spread innovation throughout the organization after we step out.

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“I got immense value from the programme! The sessions were very practical, allowing for a blend of classroom learning, field work, and hands-on application of this learnings in solving actual real-life problems."

Adaobi Okerekeocha Group Portfolio Manager InterSwitch Group


Our approach is not cookie cutter or dogmatic. We invest in building a relationship with you, gaining an understanding of your organization, your stakeholders and the broader context of the problem. Together, we design a customized approach to your challenge, with a constant focus on tapping into the existing creativity and knowledge of the people in your organization. 

Our approach to in-company programs is to customize the flow of activities to your needs and interests. We engage key stakeholders in your organization to gain deeper insights into your work culture, typical projects and pain points. This helps our team to understand your context and allows us to take this into account to optimize people’s experience and learning.

Book a free 30-min call with one of our DT Experts to discover the best approach for your team.


Our main objective is to provide your team with hands-on tools that they can use immediately in projects.

Participants will receive a Certificate and DesignThinkers Digital Toolkit after completion of the training program.

Our programs are aimed at a transformation of the participants, knowledge of tools and methods, a deep understanding of the value of design, and professional & personal growth.