DesignThinkers Academy ‘Learning-by-Doing’ was initiated by the Founders of DesignThinkers Group, represented in 25 countries and train, develop and facilitate multidisciplinary teams and communities of change


Our mission is to provide space and time for teams and individuals to be inspired and challenged, to learn by doing and strengthen their ability for creative problem solving.

People and teams in organizations are under growing pressure to be more flexible, entrepreneurial and customer centered. Organizations are under a growing pressure to differentiate themselves, create a sustainable business and attract talented people. These capabilities need to be developed and maintained.

DesignThinkers Academy aims to inspire these people and teams by organizing thought-provoking events and lectures, training and personal coaching programs to help organizations build the necessary capabilities, culture and mind-set.

Design Thinking is the glue between all disciplines.


We facilitate the conversation on Service Design Thinking, developing and running the DesignThinkers Academy Network with thousands of professionals from all over the globe… and growing fast.

Our aim with the DesignThinkers Academy Network is to create an open network to facilitate and inspire a rich conversation between creative thinkers and doers. We aim to develop a learning community to have a positive impact on peoples lives, careers and our ever-changing world. Take a look and sign up to the DT Academy Network for free.

Reach us via email for more information.

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The Netherlands
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