Course Description

(Online) Design Thinking Awareness Sessions

Awareness Sessions aim to give you a deeper understanding of the added value Design Thinking and an innovative mindset can have for your organization. These Sessions can be tailored for large groups and can be conducted online as well as offline.
They are straightforward and can be accomplished under careful guidance from our expert Facilitators. We find that budgets shouldn’t be a limitation when it comes to Design Thinking and can therefore design tailormade Awareness Sessions for groups and individuals. Timeframes can vary from 90 minutes and go up to 3 to 4 hours. They are ideal for team-building activities or during an engaging afternoon in a conference setting.


Design Thinking could be a perfect fit to explore customer’s needs, encourage the power of creativity and evoke impactful ideas. We provide various types of Awareness Sessions on Design Thinking, in which participants can get acquainted with confidently applying this method to services and products thanks to our ‘learning-by-doing’ method. This will stimulate lots of energy and engagement among participants.

In order to stimulate collaboration, participants will be working in pairs or small teams. This not only provides the participants with a new skill set, but it also helps develop a human-centered way of working to drive innovation.

The Airport Challenge, Paper Cup Challenge or The Sustainability Challenge

During this session, participants will experience the importance of empathy and research into the end-user within various Design Thinking processes. With a strong focus on the Double Diamond and more importantly, a focus on demonstrating how to implement the phases of DT into practice through short iterations.

Engagement Session

The Engagement Session consists of a brief introduction to Design Thinking and how to efficiently bring DT into practice. Next, we will also share a relevant case study which we have carefully selected from a corresponding sector. The complete flow of the Engagement Session consists of the following aspects: we will start with a basic challenge introduction in which you will gain first-hand experience with the following tools; Stakeholder Mapping, Customer Journey Mapping, Opportunity Areas. Lastly, we will also include Energizers, Ideation on finding new service concepts, visualizing new service concepts, pitches and an official wrap up.

All programs can be customized to fit specific client needs and wishes. For example, a different case can be used as a starting point.

The ‘Think like a Start-up’ Game 

This approach provides a design driven framework and process which can be used when building a value driven business. Participants will gain in-depth experience in how to align values with organizational models, culture, propositions, business models, customer values as well as goals.

Have a look at the video below which features the ‘Think like a Startup Session’ we facilitated at the Stanford D.School.


Development of creative skills & mindset for innovation;
Understanding the importance of customer-oriented work with Design Thinking tools;
Creating confidence in online & multidisciplinary work;
‘Learning-by-doing’ in an energetic & interactive online session;
Short learning moments, enriched by group work;
Expert Facilitators with live feedback & guidance.

DesignThinkers Academy aims to inspire people and teams by organizing events that engage participants in relevant themes. We provide facilitation expertise and training courses that help organizations build the necessary capabilities to connect to user needs and innovate.


These interactive online Sessions provide you with a firsthand introduction to the mindset and the methodology of Design Thinking. The aim of these Sessions are to excite and inspire the creation of awareness on how to implement

this working method in your organization. They can take place in an online environment, preferably a conferencing tool (for example Zoom or MS Teams) in combination with an online whiteboard (For example Miro or Mural).


This program has been carefully designed for the following profiles:
Creative professionals and enthusiasts;
Teams from different industries interested in working in a more human-centered way;
Individuals working in the fields of HR, IT, Marketing, etc. who want to get to know the pro’s of Design Thinking;
Professionals who want to incorporate the Design Thinking mindset in their way of working and see how it can support their teams. 

We can also offer you a tailor-made coaching program designed around your specific team objectives to guide you through the DT process.

, Please reach out to us for more information

Our main objective is to provide you with hands-on tools that you can use immediately the next day in your working environment.

Besides the training program you will be handed out a toolkit, certificate and access to the DT Academy Network virtual environment.

The end result is aimed at a transformation of the participants, knowledge of tools and methods, a deep understanding of the value of design, and professional & personal growth.

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