Course Description

1-Day Intensive Design Thinking Course November 2019

Detroit, MI

Develop a more systematic, human-centered and results-oriented problem solving process

This 1-Day Intensive Design Thinking course will give you a basic understanding of the Design Thinking problem solving methodology, principles, key tools & terminology. The course will provide a fast-paced and interactive exposure to design thinking, including key moments to highlight how Design Thinking can be applied to touching customer experience.


The course will start with a short and interactive introduction to Design Thinking. What is it? What are its origins? Why use it? During this session you will learn about the methodology, frameworks and core principles of Design Thinking and how that can be applied to solving complex problems and purposefully designing end-to-end  customer experiences.


After the short theory session, you will dive into a hands-on approach to learning as you start tackling a realistic problem, or ‘design challenge.’ You will learn how to use a set of ‘tools’ that are fundamental to structuring the activities in the Design Thinking methodology.

You will be working in a small team and use the Design Thinking process to solve the challenge as if you were working for a specific client or on a project team inside an organization. This course is fast-paced and will demonstrate the core phases on the Design Thinking methodology: empathize, reframe, ideate, prototype and test.


In your team you will first learn the importance of exploring your customer’s lived experience through design research. Then, using tools like a stakeholder map, personas and a customer journey map, you will build up a story that depicts a current state customer experience, and use this picture to identify customer pain points, areas of delight, and opportunities for improving the customer experience.

After reframing the original design challenge, you will use several ideation techniques to generate multiple ways to address the opportunities identified before settling on a concept that creatively answers the design challenge. Your team will then filter and select an idea to ’prototype’ in order to work out key details and gain feedback from customers, just like you would do with a product or service concept within an organization.

Finally, your team will present your prototype to peers to gain feedback. Through several iterations of feedback you will learn the power of ‘making to learn’ as you adjust and iterate your solution to better meet customer needs.


At the end of the day, participants will have experience with the following Design Thinking activities:

  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Developing design personas
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Reframing a design challenge
  • Ideation techniques
  • Creating service scenarios
  • Rapid prototyping

You will receive printed and digital versions of the tools that you learn during the course so you can start applying the concepts you learned immediately to your own business context.

This video provides a glimpse of one of the core activities you will learn during this course, customer journey mapping:


This course will be led by expert design thinking facilitators from the global innovation agency DesignThinkers Group and training resource DT Academy.

Terri Burch is a design strategist and has more than 14 years experience advising organizations from non-profit, SME and multinational corporations across sectors including manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, and education in risk mitigation, planning, and design strategy. She is a hybrid-thinker and integrates her diverse experiences to lead the facilitation of workshops, trainings and strategic planning sessions using human-centered design thinking, lean business, and creative practices. Terri is a Strategic Design MBA fellow and a certified charrette (multi-day planning session) facilitator for community and urban planning.

Steven Chaparro is a keynote speaker and a culture design strategist. He is passionate about helping creative organization transform their workplace culture through co-creative design. His diverse background spans various industries including architecture, real estate development, financial services, and government innovation.


Dates: November 5, 2019

Location: Detroit, MI

Max. participants: 30

Early Bird Ticket*:  $ 450 until October 5, 2019

Regular Ticket Price $495

Registration: to enroll in this training, please click here or email


Our main objective is to provide you with hands-on tools that you can apply immediately to your work.

As part of the training program you will receive print and digital copies of tools and method cards, a certificate of completion, and access to the DT Academy Network online environment.

We strive for nothing short of a transformational experience for participants. You will acquire hands-on experience going through the design thinking process, new tools and techniques for collaboration, and overall professional & personal growth.

About this Event


Detroit, MI

Date: November 5, 2019

Maximum Participants: 30


Early Bird Ticket*:  $ 450 Price until October 5, 2019

Regular Ticket Price $495

Your registration includes morning and afternoon snacks, lunch, and beverages throughout the course.

A certificate from DesignThinkers Academy is awarded to participants who successfully complete the course.

Discounts available for multiple people from the same organization, non-profits, educators and government organizations.


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