Jun 08 2017

2-Day Facilitation Training Session A’dam
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Jun 08 2017

(NL) 2-Day Service Design Thinking Fundamentals
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Jun 13 2017

2-Day Introduction Creative Thinking Amsterdam
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Jun 21 2017

(IT) 2-Day Design Thinking Fundamentals Course Milan
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Jun 22 2017

1-Day Customer Journey Mapping Training A’dam
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Jun 26 2017

5-Day DesignThinkers Bootcamp London
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Jun 27 2017

2-Day Service Design Thinking Fundamentals A’dam
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Jul 12 2017

3-Day Facilitation Training Cape Town
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Sep 21 2017

1-Day Customer Journey Mapping Training A’dam
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Sep 25 2017

5-Day DT Bootcamp Week Nairobi, Kenya
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Oct 26 2017

Design Thinking Conference Amsterdam
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Here you can find articles, cases and more information about Design Thinking and Service Design.


We are very proud to show you some examples of the brands we are privileged to work with


Our global team consists of highly professional people with multidisciplinary backgrounds


Robert Bloom

Managing Partner DT SA

South Africa

Arne van Oosterom

Senior Partner & Co-Founder

The Netherlands

Tim Schuurman

Senior Partner & Owner

The Netherlands

Jeroen van der Weide

Senior Facilitator

The Netherlands

We are represented in 18 countries and train, develop and facilitate multidisciplinary teams and communities to drive positive change