Nov. 14th 2017 A’dam
1-Day Design Research Training Course

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(English spoken) Design Research (also known as User Research or User Experience Research) is human-centred research, specifically undertaken to support the design and development of products and services. This hands-on, interactive 1-day course will give you an understanding of Design Research principles, methods & tools. Working in teams, we will practice conducting and analysing qualitative research. The focus of the course will be on learning-by-doing.

We will start with a short introduction into Design Research. What it is, why we (should) do it, when and how. We will discuss the entire research process: from the research brief, to data collection & analysis, to communicating findings using personas and customer journey maps.
The introduction will be followed by an exercise: creating a high-level research brief and plan based on a given business challenge.

The second part of the course will focus on conducting qualitative field research. You will be provided with tips on observing and interviewing people, then go out in groups to put this in practice. This will be followed by analysis and creating a high-level persona and customer journey map.



  • An understanding of Design Research principles, methods & tools, the research process, and where research fits into Design Thinking;
  • An understanding of the value of research and the importance of answering the right questions;
  • Hands-on introduction to conducting qualitative field research: observing, interviewing and analysis;
  • Hands-on introduction to using personas and customer journey maps to communicate research findings and insights.
  • “The facilitators will guide you on the different activities during the Design Research Training.


1-Day DT Research 3

Maaike Mintjes is a design researcher who helps organisations explore, define and optimise products and services from a customer’s perspective, through user research and design thinking techniques. View Maaike’s profile

Jeroen van der Weide, is a senior facilitator stimulating creative leadership within corporate environments to find new solutions for business problems by designing and facilitating creative processes through Design Thinking. View Jeroen’s profile



Language: English
Venue: DT Academy, Herengracht 265, 1016 BJ Amsterdam, +31 (0)20 471 00 70
Dates: November 14th

Participants: Appr. 12

Ticket Price: Regular Ticket Price € 395,=*, Early Bird Registration before October 13th € 315,=* (Including lunch, drinks & snacks). Discounts available for teams signing up or NGO’s and self employed.

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