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1-Day Design Thinking Fundamentals Course March 2020 – Auckland NZ

Auckland NZ

(English spoken) This high energy 1 day Fundamentals course in Auckland, will give you a basic understanding of the Design Thinking principles, key tools & terminology and how they can be applied to Customer Experience. The focus of this 1 day course will be a hands-on and ‘Learning-by-Doing’ by using various tools like, Design Research, Personas, Customer Journey Mapping, Prototyping and Testing.


In the morning, we will go through a short and interactive introduction to Design Thinking for Customer Experience. What is it, where does it come from? What are  the main ‘schools of thought’ within Design Thinking? During this session you will learn about the methodology, frameworks and core principles of Design Thinking and how that can be applied to purposefully designing customer experiences.


After the short theory session, you will dive into a hands-on approach to learning as you tackle a realistic problem, or ‘design challenge.’ You will learn to use a set of ‘tools’ that are fundamental to structuring the activities in the Design Thinking methodology. Of these, Customer Journey Mapping will serve as a core activity for finding solutions to the challenge.

You will be working in small teams and making effective use of the Design Thinking process to solve the challenge as if you were working for a specific client or on a project team inside an organization. This 1-day course is fast paced and will demonstrate the core phases on the Design Thinking methodology: empathise, reframe, ideate, prototype and test.


In your team you will first learn the importance of exploring your customer’s lived experience through Design Research. Then, using tools like a Stakeholder Map, Personas and a Customer Journey Map, you will build up a story that depicts a current state customer experience, and use this picture to identify customer pain points, areas of delight, and opportunities for improving the customer experience.

After reframing the original design challenge, you will use several ideation techniques to generate multiple ideas to address the opportunities identified before settling on one solution that creatively answers the design challenge. Your team will then filter and select an idea to ’Prototype’ in order to work out key details and gain feedback from customers, just like you would do with a product or service concept within an organisation.

Finally, after developing prototypes using a service scenario tool and other low-resolution techniques, your team will present the prototypes to gain feedback. Through several iterations of feedback you will learn the power of ‘making to learn’ as you adjust and iterate your solution to better meet customer needs.

You will receive printed and digital versions of the tools that you learn during the course so you can start applying the concepts you learned immediately to your own business context.

This video provides a glimpse of one of the core activities you will learn during this course: customer journey mapping:


At the end of the day, participants will have experience with the following Design Thinking activities:

  • Stakeholder Mapping
  • Developing Design Personas
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Reframing a Challenge
  • Ideation Techniques
  • Creating Service Scenarios
  • Rapid Prototyping

The facilitators will guide you on the different activities during the Service Design Thinking Facilitation Training.

Marc Bolick leads the US office of DesignThinkers Group, working to help clients find creative solutions to complex problems and to embed design thinking as a strategic advantage in their organizations. He uses his combination of technical, business and creative skills to help organizations ask the right questions, and find innovative answers through the service design thinking methodology.

Daryl McClay , As a founding partner of DesignThinkers Group NZ, he now applies his strategic expertise and leadership experience to help brands and organisations adopt a more human centred approach to solving problems and creating new opportunities, using Design Thinking.

Martin Sawbridge combines his experience in customer experience and his skills as a designer, strategic thinker and ideation facilitator, to help project teams adopt the human centered design thinking process to solve complex problems and help create preferred futures.

We can also offer you a tailor-made coaching program designed around your specific team objectives to guide you through the DT process.

, Please reach out to us for more information


In this 2-day high energy course for Design Thinking practitioners you learn how to guide people in a Design Thinking session.

We strongly believe in ‘Learning by Doing’, so the Facilitation Training will be a high energy and hands-on event.

We strongly believe in ‘Learning by Doing’, so the Facilitation Training will be a high energy and hands-on event. You’ll be challenged to work in small teams working on all the different aspects of facilitating workshops.

About this Event

Venue: To be decided, Auckland, New Zealand

Dates: 20th of March 2020
Language: English
Max. participants: 15


Early Bird Ticket Price: NZ $750
until February 20th 2020

Regular Ticket Price: NZ $850

Your ticket includes a daily healthy and delicious lunch plus snacks and beverages throughout the day. When you successfully complete the course, you will receive a certificate of attendance from DesignThinkers Academy. Discounts are available for teams signing up, Freelancers, Non-Profits and Government Organizations. If you have any other questions regarding this course or its ticketing, drop us a line at

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