Course Description

Online Half-Day Adaptive Design Thinking Workshop (Certificate)

By carefully combining the experience of Design Thinkers Academy together with the extensive research conducted at the University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht, we’ve designed a completely new methodology: Adaptive Design Thinking. It enables you to quickly develop personalized design strategies that can be applied to any assignment.

The personalized design strategy combines the practical side of project planning as well as task division (if applicable). We find that these aspects help bridge the gap between Design Thinking and directly implementing these newly acquired skills into practice within your organization. Effectively integrating Design Thinking into your daily practice has demonstrated to be one of the biggest challenges for companies and facilitators. The Adaptive Design Thinking Course aims to teach participants how to accurately integrate this.


Design Thinking has gained enormous momentum over the last ten years and much is learned. The experience of Design Thinkers Agency/ Academy over the years and extensive research at the Applied University of Utrecht have resulted in this workshop.

We will work with a completely new methodology: Adaptive Design Thinking. It aims to quickly develop design strategies adapted to the assignment. The method can be used both individually and in groups, but in this workshop we focus on working with teams. The methodology comes with a physical kit (online also) with 12 design elements that you use to visualize your design strategy. The interactive process that leads to a so-called Design Flow (visualized strategy) is fundamental to this methodology. This process mobilizes the wisdom of the group and makes sure the strategy is defined with the group. When finished, groups experience ownership, overview and clarity. The methodology compels us to also make difficult decisions that are often otherwise postponed. The kit provides the language to sort things out in a clear way beforehand.

The created design strategy also includes the practical planning of the project and even – if possible – the allocation of tasks. This helps bridging the gap between design thinking and the daily practice within organisations. Adaptive Design Thinking has been tested and improved for three years in- and outside the Applied University of Utrecht, take advantage!


Learn to effectively combine Design Thinking and project planning;
Learn to create custom design strategies using each participants’ strengths;
Break traditional working methods by defining strategies that better fit the assignment and resources, rather than adapting an assignment to a specific design model;
Create team ownership on projects that have been designed in collaboration;
Create a better overview within teams. Work is more pleasant and successful when co-workers have a better understanding of their individual roles within a specific project.


We strongly believe in learning-by-doing. A major part of this half-day online workshop consists of hands-on work on a personal case which we ask participants to prepare or gather beforehand.  Using the (online) Design Flow Kit, you will work

in co-creation to learn from each other and incorporate the knowledge and skills of participants from diverse backgrounds and industries. The workshop will take place in an online environment, using Zoom in combination with an online whiteboard, Miro.


Experts with extensive experience in applying Design (Thinking) methods in organizations and/or projects;
Professionals who want to learn how to effectively plan a strategy;
Facilitators, Innovation Managers and Project Managers who want to discover what Design Thinking can offer their team.


Daan van Geijlswijk is the developer of the Adaptive Design Thinking Method. He has a degree in Industrial Design Engineering, with a specialization in Innovation Management from the Technical University in Delft. Daan also has extensive experience within various fields such as concept development or change management.

We can also offer you a tailor-made coaching program designed around your specific team objectives to guide you through the DT process.



After successful completion of the Half Day Adaptive Design Thinking Workshop, participants are awarded a DesignThinkers Academy Certificate and you can celebrate your achievement of becoming a true Design Thinker. All tools and materials will be available after the course for personal use.


Our main objective is to provide you with hands-on tools that you can use immediately the next day in your working environment.

Besides the training program you will be handed out a toolkit, certificate and access to the DT Academy Network virtual environment.

The end result is aimed at a transformation of the participants, knowledge of tools and methods.

About this Event

Course duration: Half-day

Dates: Visit ‘choose your location’ on the right for more information regarding upcoming course dates or browse our calendar

Online platforms: Miro & Zoom
Language: English
Max. participants: 6


Early Bird Ticket Price € 495,00

Regular Ticket Price € 545,00

Your ticket includes a daily healthy and delicious lunch plus snacks and beverages throughout the day. All tools and materials are also available after the course for personal use. A certificate from DesignThinkers Academy is awarded to participants who successfully complete the course. Discounts are available for teams signing up, Freelancers, Non-Profits and Government Organizations.

Prices are excluding VAT. We charge 21% VAT to Dutch based companies, NGO’s and self-employed. We also charge 21% VAT to international companies, NGO’s and self-employed based in the European Union without a registered VAT number. If you are based outside the European Union we will not charge you with VAT.

At DTA Amsterdam we take our social duty very serious when it comes to protecting the health of our valued participants and team members. For this reason, we have ensured that all necessary precautions have been carefully implemented at our Amsterdam studio in accordance with the guidelines from our government. In case you have specific questions regarding these exact measures, we invite you to reach out to us through e-mail or telephone so our DTA team members can accurately inform you.